Please see our collection of videos which help demonstrate Litelok’s features, as well as show you how to use it properly.

Weighing just 1.1 Kg (2.4 lbs), Litelok Gold is the world’s lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock. The strap is made from a composite called Boaflexicore and is comprised of layers of cutting-edge light but strong materials. Litelok Gold was declared the Best Bike Lock (foldable) by Cycling Plus in 2017.


How to Open & Close a Litelok


How to Use WrapStraps to Fix Litelok to Frame


How to lock your bike properly with a Litelok


Twin Liteloks - Double Security


Litelok - Flexibility demonstration


Litelok - Bolt cropper test


Litelok - Click to lock demonstration


Litelok - Easy to carry

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