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"It’s not often that a product arrives which instantly changes years of ingrained behaviour, but that’s exactly what the Litelok has done"

Ben Clarke, Motorcycle News

"It’s definitely the most secure bike lock I’ve ever tested. And that it manages this without being excessively heavy, bulky, massively expensive or incredibly unpractical, is indeed a BIG DEAL!"

Carl Ellis,

"This is the toughest lock I’ve ever took longer than anything I’ve ever attacked, and I burned through four discs doing it."

John Milburn, Bennett's Insurance

customer reviews

Quality Locks

"Received my Litelok bundle, great value for two superbly engineered locks, the Litelok Core Plus is stiffer than i thought it would be, however that does give you reassurance its a good sturdy lock you can rely on when locking your bike! If you want good sturdy well engineered locks built in the UK, Litelok is a great choice!!"

Solid Reinforced Lock for ebike

"So far so good. Seems to work great. Feels like a solid build, but not too heavy, not too big but not too small . Perfect for an ebike. Hope to get many years of all season all weather cycling with the Litelok X1."

Thief Stopper

"Yes it is expensive, but so is my mountain bike. Thankfully I haven't had to see how resistant it is to angle grinders! It certainly feels nice and solid, and what I've seen of it being attacked by an angle grinder it definitely looks impressive.
This will hopefully put him off and send him off looking for an easier target."




The Premium Lightweight Security Vision

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