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"It’s not often that a product arrives which instantly changes years of ingrained behaviour, but that’s exactly what the Litelok has done"

Ben Clarke, Motorcycle News

"It’s definitely the most secure bike lock I’ve ever tested. And that it manages this without being excessively heavy, bulky, massively expensive or incredibly unpractical, is indeed a BIG DEAL!"

Carl Ellis,

"This is the toughest lock I’ve ever took longer than anything I’ve ever attacked, and I burned through four discs doing it."

John Milburn, Bennett's Insurance

customer reviews

Serious Protection

"Very impressed with everything, same-day dispatch and next day delivery to start with, solid product with a highly professional finish, looks the business. Easy to operate, and feels like a nightmare for any would-be thieves... I'd buy another to compliment this one if it was a tad longer... Very happy.."

Peace of mind

"Easy to order and arrived very quickly. Lock is very well made and feels substantial. Easy to use design and the peace of mind that it is much harder to cut through than other D locks. Recommended."

There's tough and then there's LITELOK tough

"It looks solid, feels solid and has a wonderful smooth action on the lock when you turn the key.
Hopefully I won’t ever have to experience some scrote trying to break it to get to my motorbike. The videos on YouTube make me feel I have the BEST physical deterrent (aside from claymore mines) in the world protecting my machine.
Great product from proper enthusiasts.
Also the packaging is brilliant and sustainable!
Buy it!"




The Premium Lightweight Security Vision

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