Sold Secure Locks

Sold Secure locks offer the ultimate peace of mind. All security products accredited by Sold Secure are independently tested in their purpose-built facility. Each product goes through a set of standardised attack tests to determine its rating. At Litelok, all our locks are Sold Secure rated, balancing security with your exact needs.

Sold Secure have four security ratings: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each level offers a greater level of theft resistance. Finding the right Sold Secure lock for your needs can be a challenge, but finding the best Sold Secure lock is a lot easier when you know what you need.

Sold Secure Bike Locks

Sold Secure bike locks must meet certain standards to be approved and rated. Their standards and tests are regularly updated with feedback they receive from police and insurance companies. The tests are designed to see how well bike locks perform in a real-world scenario using tools thieves have access to.

Sold Secure Motorcycle Locks

Looking for a Sold Secure motorcycle lock and not sure what to choose? 

Finding the required level of security for your motorbike is important. The right lock will act as a deterrent to thieves. If you’re looking for the best Sold Secure Motorbike lock, we offer a range of locks both Sold Secure and ART rated.

Sold Secure Ratings Explained

Here is a breakdown of Sold Secure ratings and their level of theft resistance.

Sold Secure Bronze is the lowest rating offering theft resistance against a basic tool list and opportunistic crimes. To be approved they must withstand attacks with basic tools for a minimum of 1 minute. 

Sold Secure Silver offers resistance against an enhanced tool list and a more determined attack. They must withstand attacks from an enhanced tool list for a minimum of 3 minutes. 

Sold Secure Gold is aimed at preventing more dedicated attacks against a dedicated tool list. All Gold rated locks must withstand attacks for a minimum of 5 minutes. 

Sold Secure Diamond gives the highest level of theft resistance against the use of specialist tools in the most destructive attacks. Sold Secure Diamond locks must withstand attacks of a minimum of 5 minutes, including a 1.5-minute attack with an angle grinder. be sure to checkout our range of angle grinder resistant d-locks which offer the ultimate in protection.

Sold Secure Rating System

Wondering which Sold Secure lock to choose? Here’s an overview of the Sold Secure rating system, and the level of protection each one offers to help you choose the one that meets your needs. 

  • Sold Secure Bronze offers medium security. They’re best used in low-risk environments for short periods. 
  • Sold Secure Silver offers high security. Silver locks can be used in medium risk environments or busy places. Silver locks are a great secondary lock option. Check out our LITELOK GO Flexi-O and LITELOK GO Flexi-U
  • Sold Secure Gold offers maximum security. Gold locks are great for high-risk areas and more expensive bikes. Check out our LITELOK CORE Flex.
  • Sold Secure Diamond offers the ultimate security. Diamond locks are recommended for high value bikes being left for longer periods in high-risk areas. Check out our LITELOK CORE Plus and LITELOK X1 - our brand new armoured D-lock for bikes.

Sold Secure Approved Locks

We’re proud that all LITELOK locks have received Sold Secure approval following independent tests by Sold Secure. We also do our own testing in-house against exacting standards to replicate real world scenarios using the same tools thieves would if trying to break our locks.