Need a lock for your e-scooter? How about something that’s light and easy to carry that doesn’t compromise on security! Our LITELOK X1 is a D-lock, ideal for making sure your electric scooter is protected from every threat, no matter where it’s locked. Looking for something a little more flexible? Try the LITELOK GO Moto to allow more flexibility on where you secure your scooter.

Best e-scooter lock for you

We have a motor scooter lock to match your needs:

  • Light, flexible electric scooter locks. Ideal for use on the go.
  • LITELOK X1 is designed to provide the best security for your electric scooter.

Locks for e-scooters

Electric scooters can be tricky to secure, but given the value, it’s important to make sure they are locked. Only certain types of locks are suitable for use for e-scooters such as U-locks and flexible locks.

The best type of lock for your electric scooter will vary, but we have options that will work with various secure locking points. We have a variety of locks that offer high levels of security that can be easily carried in a bag whilst on the go.

D-lock for electric scooter

The best type of lock for an electric scooter is usually a D-lock. Simply thread the lock through a secure locking point on your e-scooter and secure to an immovable object.

If you’re looking for the best D-lock for your electric scooter, LITELOK X1 is the ideal option. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and Sold Secure Diamond rated.

E-Scooter Security

Don’t take chances with e-scooter security. E-scooters are expensive and often targeted by thieves. LITELOK has a range of Sold Secure approved locks to keep your e-scooter secure.