Looking for the best way to keep your scooter or moped secure? Fed up with carrying heavy locks around? Why not choose a lock that’s easy to transport and extra secure. Our flexible locks make it easier than ever to secure your bike. Lock through wheels to prevent your bike from being wheeled away or secure with ease thanks to greater flexibility.

Best Motor Scooter Lock for you

If you're looking for a flexible lock that allows you to lock your scooter in more place

We have a motor scooter lock to match your needs: Looking for a flexible lock that allows you to lock your scooter in more places? Check out LITELOK GO Moto. Shop versatile, secure locks that will keep your scooter. Want the best lock for your moped? Shop our range of Sold Secure locks.

Moped Locks

If you’re looking for a suitable lock for your moped, look no further. All our locks are Sold Secure rated, independently tested against a variety of threats. Most locks are big, heavy and hard to transport. We offer a range of lightweight, flexible locks that can be locked in a variety of ways to keep your moped secure.

Scooter Security

Always lock your scooter, even if it’s in a secure location. Thieves will take any opportunity, especially where security measures aren’t in place. Looking for Sold Secure approved scooter locks? We have a range of scooter security all independently tested against a range of attack methods to protect from everyday threats.