Fed up with carrying huge chains in order to keep your bike safe? There was a time that the only option was a chain, but not anymore! Secure your bike with our range of portable, lightweight motorcycle locks.

Secure your bike on the go or at home with ease. All our motorcycle locks are independently tested and approved by Sold Secure.

LITELOK Motorcycle Locks

LITELOK design and manufacture the best motorbike lock, matched to your needs. If you're looking for the best motorbike lock, the LITELOK X range will protect your motorcycle from all commonly used tools - even angle grinders.

Motorbike Security Locks

Want something easy to carry, up to 50% lighter than a motorcycle chain that offers multiple layers of protection? Try LITELOK Core Moto. Want the ultimate in bike security? Try our angle grinder resistant LITELOK X range. Looking for a flexible disc lock, try LITELOK Go Moto.

Shop our range of motorbike locks with the latest anti-theft technology designed to keep your bike where it belongs - with you!