Sold Secure Diamond Rated Bike Locks

Sold Secure Diamond locks offer the highest level of theft resistance. They are designed to prevent the most destructive attacks, even against angle grinders.

If you’re looking for the best in bike security, Diamond rated locks are the highest rated option.


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Diamond Rated Bike Lock

To get a Diamond rating from Sold Secure, locks must go through a series of demanding tests designed to replicate theft attempts as they would happen. Sold Secure use an approved list of tools during testing, which in the case of Diamond locks include the largest set of bolt cutters available, angle grinders and drills.

Sold Secure Diamond locks are designed to prevent even the most destructive attacks. If you have a bike worth a lot of money, investing in the best lock you can afford is a great way to protect your bike.

Highest rated bike lock

Diamond is the highest rated bike lock available. Sold Secure give their locks a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond rating. At LITELOK, we developed the CORE PLUS to offer Diamond Rated protection as well as be wearable. It achieved the highest rating because it withstands sustained attack thanks to multiple layered protection. This includes a plant-based polymer, steel exoskeleton and high tensile core joined to an aerospace grade hardened steel inline lock body.

The latest addition to the LITELOK family is LITELOK X1. Another Sold Secure Diamond-rated bicycle and motorcycle lock. LITELOK X1 is unique in that it is our first angle grinder resistant d-lock. For more information on LITELOK X1, check out our first armoured D-lock for bikes.