Sold Secure Gold Rated Bike Locks

Sold Secure Gold Bike Locks offer protection against dedicated attacks. They are ideal for mid to high value bicycles in high-risk areas. If you're looking for something even more secure than a Sold Secure Gold Bike Lock, you can see our full range of Sold Secure Diamond Bike Locks.


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LITELOK CORE FLEX Deal price£119.99

Gold Rated Bike Lock

Sold Secure Gold locks are approved by Sold Secure if they can withstand attacks against a dedicated tool list. If you plan to lock your bike up in public for extended periods of time, a Gold lock offers a high level of security.

Sold Secure Gold bicycle locks undergo a series of tests and must withstand attacks for a minimum of five minutes to be approved

Lightest Gold Secure Bike Lock

Looking for a highly secure, flexible lock? Our CORE Flex lock is the lightest Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock on the market!

It’s wearable, flexible and ideal for securing all bikes and e-bikes. Weighing only 1.7kg, it’s easy to carry either in a bag, mounted to the bike or around your waist (with our wearable kit).

Sold Secure Gold vs Diamond

Trying to decide between a Sold Secure Gold or Sold Secure Diamond lock? Choosing the right level of security comes down to a few factors. When choosing the right bike lock, consider your budget, the value of your bike and the level of security you need.

When it comes down to Sold Secure Gold vs Sold Secure Diamond, cost will likely be the deciding factor for many. Sold Secure Gold locks get their rating if they withstand attacks for a minimum of five minutes whereas Sold Secure Diamond must do the same, including against an angle grinder.

Sold Secure Diamond locks will ultimately cost more than Sold Secure Gold as they offer ultimate security. Choose Diamond like the CORE Plus if you need to protect bikes of high value. Choose Gold if you need a high level of security but need a less expensive lock.