The Best Gifts for Cyclists for 2021

The Best Gifts for Cyclists for 2021

Find buying gifts for cyclists tricky? Or maybe you want to treat yourself and need some inspiration? Well, we have put together the perfect list of cycling gifts that will guarantee to put smiles on faces.  From the best cycling art to quirky components, we showcase something that will suit their cycling needs!

Litelok Silver

Litelok Silver in the Netherlands - Cycling Gifts

Litelok Silver is the world’s lightest secure bike lock range ever made. It is 40-50% lighter than equivalent U/D locks, chains and armoured cables, starting at just 630g (1.4 lb). It’s also flexible, allowing you to secure your bike to more places than other rigid locks.

This easy to carry bike lock also can be purchased with an adjustable wearable kit, meaning it can be worn comfortably whilst cycling.

Litelok Silver - From £59.99


Silca Seat Roll Premio

Silca Seat Roll Premio - Gifts for Cyclists

Deemed 'the best cycling accessory $50 can buy' by Gear Patrol, the Silca Premio Seat Roll is a modern take on an old classic! The Premio is made from waterproof material and has three pockets, easily allowing you to fit essentials for your ride. 

Silca Seat Roll Premio - £48.00


Light & Motion - Urban 900 Commuter Combo

Light & Motion - Urban 900 Commuter Combo - Gifts for Cyclists

The Urban 900 Commuter Combo provides you with both a powerful headlight and compact tail light. The bright sidelights gives you high visibility through junctions both day and night whilst being incredibly durable if dropped.

Light & Motion - Urban 900 Commuter Combo - £78


Band of Climbers - Grand Tour Prints

Band of Climbers - Grand Tour Prints

Band of Climbers have put together this beautiful trio of prints highlighting the biggest races in the cycling calendar. Despite these tours being free to attend (you just show up and watch by the roadside), these are artist renditions of race passes. Ideal wall art for any cycling fan.

Band of Climbers - Grand Tour Prints - £47


Stolen Goat RidePac

Stolen Goat RidePace - Gifts for Cyclists

The Stolen Goat Smuggler Red RidePac is the perfect solution to safely carry and protect all your valuables from the elements while out on the bike. A RidePac is essentially a storage case for valuables (phone, cash, keys, etc…), it’s a great way to keep everything safe, secure, together and sealed within a waterproof pack.

Stolen Goad RidePac - £32


Shimano Ultegra Bicycle Chain Cufflinks

Shimano Ultegra Bicycle Chain Cufflinks - Gifts for Cyclists

It is unlikely you will go cycling in fancy attire, but these Shimano Ultegra Bicycle Chain Cufflinks are perfect to add a little bit of flair to those more formal occasions. 

Shimano Ultegra Bicycle Chain Cufflinks - £58


Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit

Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit - Gifts for Cyclists

The Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit is the perfect tool for helping to keep your bikes paintwork scratch-free. Featuring an innovative Filth Filter, which sits at the bottom of the bucket, trapping dirt to prevent it from being reintroduced to the sponge or brush whilst cleaning.

Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit - £64.99


Vans ODI Lock-on Grips

Vans ODI Lock-on Grips - Gifts for Cyclists

Two Southern California originals have teamed up to create a modern-day classic design. Featuring the classic Vans ® waffle sole pattern, these ODI Lock-on grips provide exceptional control in all conditions. 

Vans ODI Lock-on Grips - £25.99


Gift Card for a Local Bike Shop

World's oldest bike shop

A gift voucher is a perfect option for any cyclist. This can be spent on the accessory, component, bike service or the dream bike they have been saving up for! By supporting a local bike shop, it also helps the local community and normally starts a relationship between you and the shopkeeper.


Park Tool MT-40 Multi-Tool

Park Tool MT-40 Multi Tool - gifts for cyclists

The Park Tool MT-40 is a high quality folding take-along tool that features forged aluminium side plates, a mix of hardened and plated tools, and smooth ergonomic operation.  It’s the tool you want for long rides as it’ll help you get out of pretty much any trail side nightmare.

Park Tool MT-40 Multi-Tool - £42


X-Tools Bike Maintenance Stand

X-Tools Folding Bike Workstand - Gifts for Cyclists

The X-Tools Folding Bike Workstand is an affordable, sturdy work stand perfect for bike maintenance. There's a tray with a handy magnetic compartment to keep small bits safe while you work on the bike. The clamping head rotates and locks the bike in position allowing you to attach via the top tube or the seat post depending on how you want to work. 

X-Tools Bike Maintenance Stand - £59.99


Olfi One.Five Black Action Camera

Olfi One.Five Black Action Camera - Gifts for cyclists

This miniature Olfi action camera is packed with incredible features. With the ability to film in 4K this has the potential to turn your cycling adventures into cinematic masterpieces. 

Olfi One.Five Black Action Camera - From £99


Buff City Collection Neck Warmers

Buff City Collection Neck Warmers - Gifts for Cyclists

Multifunctional product designed for all-year-round use which provides ideal protection against the cold during high-intensity outdoor activities such as cycling. They also look fantastic.

Buff City Collection Neck Warmers - £15


Chapeau Coffee Range

Chapeau Coffee Range - Gifts for Cyclists

Coffee can be an essential motivational tool to any cyclists and The WATTS blend from Chapeau Cofee is also not for the faint-hearted. This coffee has been developed with only one thing in mind - providing you with a roundhouse caffeine kick to the face! Guaranteed to give you the get up and go you need when the weather is gloomy.

Chapeau Coffee Range - From £5.50


Litelok Gold Wearable

Gold Insurance rated bike lock - Gifts for cyclists

If you require a Gold insurance rated bike lock then check out our wearable range of Litelok Golds. Litelok Gold Wearable is our longer range of unisex bicycle locks that can be safely worn around your hips while you cycle. They sit comfortably around your body and don't get in the way of your cycling.

Litelok Gold Wearable - £99.99