Electric Bike Locks

Invest in the ultimate deterrent and keep your e-bike safe, no matter where it is. Leave it secured at home or when you’re out on a ride. From a cafe stop to securing your bike on the back of your camper, our range of locks are all approved by Sold Secure.

Need the best lock for your e-bike? LITELOK Core Plus is Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond making it ideal for high value bikes and e-bikes. Need the ultimate security for a high risk area? The LITELOK X range will protect your bike from even the most determined thief. For quick stops or for use on the go, try the mountable LITELOK GO FLEXI-U.

E-Bike Locks

We have the best bike locks for e-bikes, matched to your needs:

Electric Bike Security

When you’ve invested a lot of money into a bike, the last thing you want is to find it gone. Electric bikes are expensive, and very appealing to thieves.

When it comes to e-bike security, there’s no such thing as too much. For the ultimate security, we’ve designed the anti angle grinder LITELOK X range, armoured d-locks designed to protect your e-bike from even the most destructive attacks.