What is Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond?

What is Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond?

When purchasing a bike lock, it is important to know the level of security it provides. More often than not, people will look for the most secure lock on the market as they want to provide their bike with the most protection possible. According to Secured by Design, “buying a bike lock should not be an afterthought. In the UK, the average cost of a bike is approximately £500 and an e-bike is £2,500 so it is going to need some protection.” Industry experts often recommend that you should spend approximately 10% of the value of your bicycle on security and locking with an independently accredited bike lock will act as a strong deterrent to any thief. So with this in mind, how can you tell what is the best bike lock in terms of security? 

Who is Sold Secure?

Sold Secure is the UK’s premier testing and certification house for security products. They are owned by the Master Locksmiths Association (a not for profit organisation) and are experts when it comes to testing bike locks using common tools and realistic methods. It is important to remember that all bike locks are deterrents and can be broken, so when testing how secure a product is, the goal isn’t to simply break the lock, it is to assess how that lock will withstand an attack from a thief in a real life situation.

Sold Secure
Sold Secure ratings - CORE PLUS is Bicycle Diamond rated

When testing a lock, Sold Secure use a variety of different tools that are common with bicycle theft, and set a series of criteria that the locks have to withstand in order to determine it’s security level. They don’t publicise this detailed information, as it would only benefit thieves to know exactly how each lock stands up to each tool, but they do award each lock a rating. Up until recently there has only been three ratings available; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. However, Sold Secure have decided to add a 4th rating; Diamond, the highest level of security aimed at high-value bicycles and e-bikes. 

What is Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and do I need it?

Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond is awarded to bike locks that provide the highest level of security. Over the last year, there has been a surge in e-bike sales, meaning more cyclists are riding higher value bikes. The higher the value, the more security is recommended. Sold Secure Bicycle Gold continues to offers a good level of security and the new introduction of Diamond could mean that insurance companies will in future ask you to upgrade your security according to the value of your bike. And so if you’re looking for the best bike and e-bike security then Diamond level is the one for you. 

LITELOK X Angle Grinder Resistant D-Lock

 LITELOK X1 - Next Generation Angle Grinder Resistant Armoured D-Lock

Which Sold Secure level do I need to insure my bike? 

Here in the UK, insurance companies often insist on you using a certain Sold Secure rated bike lock, depending on your bike’s value, where you live, or how long you usually leave your bike unattended. As Diamond offers the highest level of security, exceeding Sold Secure Gold, Sold Secure is now recommending Diamond rated locks for all riders with a high-value bike and e-bike. 

LITELOK CORE: the lightest, wearable Diamond rated bike lock in the world

Usually the more secure the bike lock is, the heavier it is and with bikes getting lighter and lighter, there is no need for secure locks to get heavier and heavier. Here at LITELOK, our goal is to engineer highly secure, easy to use, lightweight bike locks. We don’t think that you should have to lug around big heavy chains in order to keep your bike safe. This is why we developed LITELOK CORE, a lightweight, Diamond rated bike lock. 

Starting from 1.9kg, LITELOK CORE PLUS the lightest, flexible Diamond rated lock on the market, meaning you no longer have to compromise between security and weight. It has been designed with multiple layers of protection from the inner core out and comprises a patented composite security strap called Boaflexicore Plus, and a hardened steel inline lock body. In addition every LITELOK is made in Britain and is built to provide the highest level of bicycle protection. CORE

LITELOK CORE can be mounted to your bike using wrap straps or worn using the Universal Wearable Kit 

LITELOK CORE PLUS has also been designed to be wearable, allowing it to be worn comfortably around your hips whilst riding. Just wrap the LITELOK around your hips and secure it with the Universal Wearable Kit, so you can safely fasten around your body without it locking. 

LITELOK CORE PLUS is available, so treat yourself to lightweight, Diamond rated security. 

LITELOK X1 - Armoured D-Lock for Bikes

LITELOK X1 - The Ultimate in Bike and Motorcycle Security

If you're looking for the ultimate in bike or motorcycle security, you will not be disappointed by our new range of d-locks with built in angle grinder resistance. LITELOK X is our range of D-locks which are all angle grinder resistant. Our newest addition to the LITELOK X family of armoured D-locks for bikes is LITELOK X1.

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