LITELOK meets the MATE X


Big, bold and built for all, the MATE X is a stylish take on the e-bike and challenges other companies to up their game in innovation and design.

MATE is an electric bicycle, or ‘e-bike’ manufacturer which has been releasing bikes since 2016. The MATE X is by far their most popular design and has been inspiring new and established cyclists all over the world. It’s imaginative design and convenient foldable frame makes this bike the ideal city companion but with its optional all-terrain tyres, can battle most landscapes.

Mate X

The team at LITELOK has been keen on getting our hands on one of these ingenious bikes and see how they fair with our new bike lock, CORE. LITELOK CORE has been designed with e-bikes in mind and will be our most secure lock on the market. For those of us investing in the future of cycling, it’s time to boost the safety game and work on protecting our investments for years to come. This is where CORE steps up to the podium. This diamond rated lock is the security conscious biker’s best friend. Not only does it look stylish in its vivid colours and wearable design, but it is fully mountable on the MATE X frame.

MATE was kind enough to loan us some MATE X bikes and we figured the best place to take this feat of engineering was Bristol City Centre. The city has been at the heart of many great inventions over the years and its deep-rooted culture made a perfect match for our day on the road. With its flourishing street art scene, labyrinth of independent shops and ever-growing bicycle infrastructure, Bristol is truly a hub for the modern cyclist.

We can confirm, this e-bike got some admiring glances. It really does stand out from the crowd. Its blocky yet adaptable design turned a few heads as we nipped our way through the city. But when you are using such an eye-catching bike, you need to make sure you have your security covered. You wouldn’t walk away from your car without locking it so why would you do that with your bike? Even when grabbing a quick coffee, it’s always recommended you lock up your bike. 

We have to say, MATE X bikes are a lot of fun. They’re swift and easy to manoeuvre over cobbled pavements as well as tarmac. You can choose between 50 and 60 mile battery range which makes this bike ideal for the city commute. It’s also fully foldable! So even if you live in a flat, you can easily store your bike with no fuss. Need to take it into the office but are worried about getting it in a lift? No worries, just fold up and go.

MATE X and CORE belong together - check out our newest lock LITELOK CORE

Innovation and design are in LITELOK’s lifeblood. We live, breath and create products that are not only stunning but are functional and secure. We combine the sleek and practical in a way many other security companies will not. The devil is in the details and its fair to say MATE believes in the same philosophy.

MATE X and CORE belong together, you can now pre-order LITELOK CORE for dispatch November. Get ready for diamond standard bike security. 

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