Bicycle Locks

The number of bike thefts in the UK is rising every year so a quality bike lock is an essential piece of kit for any cyclist. Here at LITELOK, we have a range of bicycle locks with different security ratings meaning we will always have something to suit your requirements whether you leave your bike in a high-risk area or are more likely to leave it for a short period of time whilst you have a coffee.

If you have a high value bike or e-bike, we would recommend a highly secure gold or diamond-rated Sold Secure bicycle lock which will successfully defend your bike against all hand tools. Alternatively, if you are looking for a bike lock with key which is is extremely light but still offers a good level of security we have a range of silver-rated locks which could be perfect for your needs.

The majority of our locks not only offer a superb level of security, but are also incredibly easy to use, lightweight (when compared to locks of a similar security rating) and wearable, meaning you can wear your lock around your waist when you aren't using it. Additionally, many of our bike locks are flexible making them much easier than other locks to secure your bike to a variety of objects.

Over the years, LITELOK bike locks have saved thousands of bikes from theft all around the world. Our locks are tested to the highest specifications and we are proud that we manufacture our bike locks to the highest standards here in the UK.