Street Testing: Attacking Litelok Bike Lock With Common Theft Tools

Litelok is a revolutionary new bike lock that is light, flexible and strong. 

The video above demonstrates the high security of Litelok. We attack a single Litelok with a range of common theft tools consecutively to show it can withstand sustained attack. The tools we use are:



In the video above, we got the biggest guy in our factory to try to break a Litelok. He couldn't do it.


Independently Tested

Litelok is the lightest, flexible Gold standard bicycle lock on the market. Liteloks have been thoroughly tested by us, and independently tested by Sold Secure, the world-class certification house, achieving their highest security rating: Sold Secure Gold.

Read here how a customer in New York City almost had his bicycle stolen, but didn’t, thanks to his Litelok. The bike thief simply could not break it.



Litelok Features



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