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LITELOK X1 Stops theft in Kingston #8

LITELOK X1 Stops theft in Kingston #8

Angela got in touch with us to share her experience with an attempted theft on her bike. 

This is her story. 

"Thanks for getting my Litelok X1 lock to me a week ago. It has already stopped my bike being stolen in broad daylight and right by a CCTV camera on a visit to my local library and cost the would be thieves money in the broken angle grinder blade they left for me!" 

"The would be thieves gave up when the lock broke their angle grinder blade- but the lookout guy looks really uncomfortable with the wait so clearly they weren’t expecting the time it took to get through the lock- especially as they didn’t!.

I lock my bike with two Sold Secure Diamond, though the other isn’t as good as yours."

Angle grinder theft incidents have been steadily increasing, and it can be frightening to know that some cyclists are being watched days or weeks in advance to learn their routines and where they leave their bike and for how long. It is important to secure your bike or scooter with a high security lock.

Our X range locks have earned the prestigious Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and Motorcycle Diamond certifications. Among them, the X1 model offers at least five times greater resistance to angle grinders compared to the current top-selling and best-performing D-locks, while the X3 model boasts an impressive angle grinder resistance that is at least 15 times higher.




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