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LITELOK X1 Saves Cargo Bike in London #19

LITELOK X1 Saves Cargo Bike in London #19

A LITELOK customer reached out to inform us about an attempted theft on their cargo bike outside Decathlon in London on Saturday the 27th of January between 4-5:30pm. The LITELOK X1 saved the Trek Fetch 2+ cargo bike, currently selling at 4.5k. 

  They also shared their experience on Reddit.

"Went to Decathlon to buy some winter ski clothes for my family.  I usually never park my bike outside, but given that we were on a Saturday afternoon and the weather was pretty good - it was a good occasion to go out.

The area was busy, and we only stayed in the store for 90minutes before sunset. Still this was not a deterrent for people to try to steal my bike. Fortunately, I had the X1 which defeated the theft."

"The bike was locked into a bike rack about 50-100m from the Decathlon (I didn't know they had a rack inside). I put two locks: Litelok X1 & Hiplok gold wearable chain. When coming out of the store, the Hiplok was cut, and the Litelok X1 was partially cut."

 Reddit post - 

"Thief angle grinded successfully the Hiplok golden chain lock. Thief then tried to angle grind the Litelok. Thankfully he was careful, as I don't see any damage to the bike frame.

Sad to see the state of bike theft in London, but glad we have lock strong enough to fight against those!"

LiteLok D-lock saved my bike outside Decathlon (SE16)
byu/untitledshot inlondoncycling

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