Everything you need to know about the LITELOK X Range

Everything you need to know about the LITELOK X Range

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to the LITELOK X Range

In September 2022, we launched our X Range. We were among the first to come out with a bike lock capable of withstanding angle grinders (as well as other methods of attack). 

Both the X1 and X3 are Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond & Motorcycle Diamond and ART 4 rated meaning they offer some of the toughest protection available. 

With many people curious about what the locks are capable of, we get a lot of questions. We’ve put together this guide to answer everything you need to know about the LITELOK X Range. 

Litelok X1 and X3

What’s the difference between the LITELOK X1 and X3?

Both locks have our armoured Barronium® technology, but the X3 has more than the X1. The X1 is up to 5 times more resistant to angle grinder attack, whilst our X3 is up to 15 times more resistant than current market-leading D-locks.

Other differences include:

  • The LITELOK X1 comes with our Twist & Go mount (for use on bicycles only).
  • The X3 bike and moto comes with a pouch (but you also get one with the X1 moto).
  • The LITELOK X1 weighs 1.7kg, and the X3 is 2.1kg
  • The X3 has an ABLOY® SENTRY lock (most pick-proof cylinder available).
  • The X1 and X3 moto and bike are the same lock (we name them separately to show differences for each use). 
  • The internal dimensions on the X1 are 101 X 197mm and the X3 is 100 x 195mm.
Litelok X Range - X1 and X3

Are the LITELOK X1 and X3 angle grinder proof? 

No lock is angle grinder proof, it’s a matter of how long it takes to get through them.

We’ve created a range of full-size armoured D-locks designed to withstand angle grinders by turning the grinder’s energy back on itself. What this means is it’s going to take more time and plenty of discs to get through.

The X1 and X3 have different levels of armour. The X3 is slightly more armoured than the X1, ideal for those who want the ultimate protection. However, that’s not to say the X1 isn’t capable. In fact, we have plenty of success stories from customers about X1 saving their bikes!

We talked about angle grinder proof bike locks in more detail in one of our earlier blogs, including what tools are being used to steal bikes and how locks are tested. 

Are LITELOK X1 and X3 bike different from the X1 and X3 Moto?

No, they are exactly the same. We market them slightly differently to meet the needs of both cyclists and motorbikers. 

The locks are the same and offer identical levels of protection. The only difference is, if you order an X1 bike, you’ll receive a Twist & Go mount. All X3 locks come with our very own LITELOK X-pouch. You’ll also get a pouch with an X1 moto. 

Litelok X Pouch

How do I attach a LITELOK X1 to my bike?

If you want to attach your X1 to your bicycle, you have a few options. Most people opt to use a Twist & Go mount. Of course, this won’t suit everyone and will depend on what kind of bicycle you have!

If you’ve got a Twist & Go mount and you’re not sure how to fit it, follow these steps:

  • Hold the mount up to your bike and position the protection strips against the frame. Cut the straps to size for a snug fit. These are designed to protect your frame when the mount is fitted.
  • Your mount will come coiled within the packaging, you need to loosen the screws and slide the strap holders out from inside the mount.
  • Reinsert the strap holders into the mount and line the straps up around your frame.
  • Wrap the straps around your frame and tighten, insert the screws into the holes and tighten to secure – doing one at a time is often easier.
  • Finally, twist the lock into the mount and you’re ready to go.

We have a guide on fitting the Twist & Go mount, including videos so if you’re not sure how to fit it, take a look. If you’re still not sure, get in touch and we’ll guide you through fitting. 

What are the dimensions of the LITELOK X1?

LITELOK X1 has a locking circumference of approximately 101 x 196mm and the lock body dimensions are 35 x 175mm (1.3 x 6.9"). 

What about the dimensions of the LITELOK X3?

The LITELOK X3 has a locking circumference of 100 x 195mm (3.9 x 7.6") and the dimensions of the lock are 56 x 177mm. 

You can see the full sizes on the product page by clicking on specifications. 

Litelok X1 and X3

What’s the X range warranty?

The warranty for LITELOK X1 is three years. This covers you for mechanical or operational faults through normal usage (but not aesthetic wear and tear).

The LITELOK X3 has a seven year warranty. This also covers you for mechanical or operational faults but not aesthetic wear and tear. Don’t forget to register your warranty when you receive your lock! 

What happens if my lock gets damaged?

If your lock gets damaged, there are a few things you can do, depending on the circumstances:

  • If your lock was damaged by yourself whilst in use and is no longer operational, please get in touch for advice.
  • If your lock was damaged during a theft attempt we’d advise getting in touch with the team and they should be able to assist. Each incident is individual, so it’s best to let us know the circumstances so we can help with the next steps.

Litelok X3

Is there a mount for the LITELOK X3?

No, not at this moment. However, the LITELOK X3 bike and moto (and LITELOK X1 moto) all come with our LITELOK X-pouch. 

How good are the LITELOK X1 and X3?

Well, we certainly like to think so, but thankfully we’re not alone. Our locks have undergone several independent tests and we’ve got our fair share of rave reviews (if we do say so ourselves). See below for more…

Litelok X3 and X pouch

Where can I see tests of LITELOK X1 and X3?

There are plenty of great tests and reviews out there (it’s quite a list), so to give you an idea, and to put our money where our mouth is, here are a few for you to check out:

Do the LITELOK X1 and X3 work?

Yes! We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us with their success stories letting us know their locks saved their bike. It’s unfortunate it happened in the first place, but knowing our locks are preventing people from facing the stress and upset of having their bike stolen makes our day! 

Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our customers, so if you’ve got a story to share, please reach out to us!

Litelok X1

Where is LITELOK made?

We are proudly made in Britain. Our solar-powered facility in South Wales is the hub of all things LITELOK! We design, make, test and manufacture all of our locks in our Swansea HQ. 

Whilst there’s a lot more than goes into who we are, here’s just a small part of our story if you’d like to know more. 

Still have questions about the X Range? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to answer!