LITELOK X1 Saves Motorcycle in Dudley #11

LITELOK X1 Saves Motorcycle in Dudley #11

Jay reached out to us to share his experience with an attempted theft of his motorcycle in Brierley Hill. 

"Attempted theft of my bike. Can say is definitely angle grinder resistant and hammer resistant. Only had it a few weeks too. Good product."

There were five people on two bikes who tried to steal Jay's bike. 

"My Litelok didn't let me down. The Mrs confronted them and they threatened her with being cut and swiped a hammer at her. I was at work but arrived shortly after. They left without my bike. Would definitely recommend one and I'd buy another."

At Litelok, we want to protect as many rides as possible to keep your beloved bike in safe hands and away from thieves. 

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