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LITELOK stops theft in Walthamstow #5

LITELOK stops theft in Walthamstow #5

Tony recently contacted us to let us know that LITELOK ONE saved his Cannondale bike, not once, but twice, in Walthamstow, London. 

This is his story.

"My bike was locked to a stairwell within a shared stairwell of an apartment building. I had a LITELOK One securing the frame & wheel of the bike to the stairwell balustrades.


(Image 1 Bolt croppers defeated after an attempt on a LITELOK ONE)

Just after Christmas I had the first attempt of my bike being stolen when the thief used a set of bolt croppers to try and cut through the lock (Image 1), eventually giving up. The second attempt (Image 2) came in July this year when the thief returned breaking into our courtyard at 4am and then proceeding to use an angle grinder to attack the lock on my bike this time.

(Image 2 Angle-grinder grinds no more after a second attempt on a LITELOK ONE)

My alarm had just gone for work and the extreme noise of the grinder and the smell of burning steel alerted me to something suspicious, so I went outside to check the stairwell where I confronted the thief trying to break through my LITELOK. He quickly took off grinder in hand and empty handed.

I'm pretty confident the thief was trying for at least 5 minutes before I spooked him and cant thank LITELOK enough for protecting my £800 Cannondale bike."

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