Litelok Theft Protection: Ultimate Peace of Mind

Litelok Theft Protection: Ultimate Peace of Mind

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Litelok Theft Protection scheme as an optional extra when purchasing a Litelok. It is powered by Yellow Jersey, one of the UK’s leading bicycle insurers, who will handle your claim against our Theft Protection if your bike is stolen (providing it had been secured with a Litelok, subject to Terms and Conditions). It is available to anyone in the world.

The annual fee varies depending on the Litelok being used and value of your bike but is typically much less than bicycle insurance elsewhere:

What's covered?

When secured with a Litelok, your bike is covered for theft anywhere in the world up to the maximum sum listed, based on the annual fee you paid for your Litelok Theft Protection.

In all cases, cover is only valid when your bicycle is locked with your Litelok to an immovable object through the frame and at least one wheel.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.


Why should I get it?

We are very confident in the quality and security of Liteloks, which are all Sold Secure rated. However, given enough time and/or specialist tools, thieves can defeat all bike locks, especially when using portable angle grinders.

Securing your bike with a Litelok and having Litelok Theft Protection provides you with the ultimate peace of mind.


Litelok, Yellow Jersey & You

Litelok Theft Protection is a group policy which we have taken out with Yellow Jersey. If you purchase Litelok Theft Protection through our website, you are opting into it. It is not an individual insurance policy.

In the unfortunate event of a bike theft, the claims process will be handled by Yellow Jersey.

By signing up to Litelok Theft Protection you allow us to pass on your information to Yellow Jersey.