How we test our products

Our locks are among the most secure bike locks and motorcycle locks designed for high risk areas to protect every ride type from e-scooters, bikes, e-bikes, motor scooters and motorbikes.

Each lock is independently tested to withstand sustained attack from common theft tools including angle grinders, hammer and chisels, hacksaws, crow bars, cordless drills and bolt croppers achieving Sold Secure Bicycle, Sold Secure Motorcycle and ART standards.

All of our products are manufactured to last and we rigorously test during the development and continuous improvements against corrosion, fatigue and long term use to exceed industry standards.


At Litelok, we take pride in ensuring the utmost security and reliability of our products, exemplified by the rigorous testing procedures applied to both the Litelok X1 and Litelok X3. Through a comprehensive series of tests, encompassing durability assessments, strength evaluations, and real-world simulations, we strive to exceed industry standards and deliver unparalleled protection for cyclists and their valuables. By subjecting our innovative designs to meticulous scrutiny, we guarantee peace of mind for our customers, knowing that every Litelok is engineered to withstand the toughest challenges of urban cycling environments.