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LITELOK X1 Saves Scott E-Bike in Denmark #29

LITELOK X1 Saves Scott E-Bike in Denmark #29

The LITELOK X1 saved Kristian's Scott E-Bike in Denmark on the 20th June, 2024.

This is Kristian's experience. 

"I have two e-bikes, one locked with Abus lock, and one with your X1 LITELOK. My Gazelle electric bike actually got stolen on the 9th of June. I have two GPS trackers on each bike. So, with the help of the local police I got my bike back the day after it was stolen."

This is from the 9th of June, and the bikes are almost always parked right next to each other.

But then today I was on my way to work, I found they tried stealing my other E-bike. This time without success thanks to your lock!  So, I will definitely buy LITELOK from now on."

The attempted theft happened in Denmark, Ørnfeltvej. 

The value of each bike: 

  • Scott: 28.000 kr (Danish) / 3.758 Euros 
  • Euros Gazelle: 36.000 kr / 4.832 Euros 

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