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LITELOK X1 Saves Mountain Bike in East London #17

LITELOK X1 Saves Mountain Bike in East London #17

Keeshen reached out to us to share his experience with an attempted theft of his Mountain Bike in East London. 

"My Lombardo mountain bike is stored in a locked communal bike cage that's only accessible via a locked gate by waving an entry fob. Due to a building electric fault the bike cage gate magnetic locks were in operational for over 3 weeks. 

When it was alerted that the some bikes was stolen from the bike cage, I walked over to the bike cage and was shocked to discover that attempts were made to cut through the Litelok-x1 and steal my bike and I am extremely relieved that the thieves didn't make their way with my bike.

The bike thieves took the opportunity to enter the bike cage and cut through the locks of 3 mountain bikes including mine with an angle grinder, the two other bikes were locked with a Kryptonite lock, the thieves made their way with the other two bikes and attempted to cut through the Litelok in two different sections, the bike was secured with the Litelok against one of the bike cage grill.

The engineering of the Litelok and strength of the Barronium based material is truly impressive and the Litelok X1 is worth the weight in gold."

To best secure your bike in busy high risk areas we recommend using a LITELOK X1 or a LITELOK X3. 


For more information on our angle grinder resistant locks click here

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