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Every.Day.Ride #5 with MotoUK

Every.Day.Ride #5 with MotoUK

In this Every.Day.Ride we catch up with Nick aka MotoUK.

Tell us a little about yourself

I have been riding motorcycle now some 30 years now, with my first motorcycle at the age of 16 being a Yamaha FS1E. I was born in the West Midlands and at the age of 10 moved to the Lake District with my family and while at a young age not appreciating this spectacular area, as I have gotten older I feel very lucky to live in this region, also best known for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant counties such as Lancashire and Yorkshire also close by. 

I have been uploading Motorcycle trips, reviewing motorcycles more in the last two years to our YouTube Channel and sharing this spectacular region to all our subscribers. 

How and when did you get into riding?

I got into riding at a the young age of 16 and my first 50cc motorcycle the Yamaha FS1E, then progressing to a Honda NSR125. Following this I had a 10 year break while pursuing travel but returned to motorcycling later in life following Charlie & Ewan’s Long Way Round trips saying to myself I need to buy a touring bike and hit the road, and since then there have been many bikes.

What are the best and worst things about riding?

Best, the feeling of freedom, put your helmet on switch off to the world, gather your thoughts, smell and see nature around you as you wind your way through the countryside UK & Europe. I just love touring and seeing new places, meeting new people along the way.

Worst, it’s costing me a fortune, always a new bike around the corner or new gear and accessories to be bought. No joking aside, its hard to find a worst bit about motorcycling, once you have the bug you're hooked for life.

Tell us about your most memorable ride to date?

I guess the most memorable rides are my Europe trips every year, be it the Swiss alps or riding down through France into Spain, just soaking all the culture as you ride through the regions. If I had to choose one it would be the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland and Interlaken. I was lucky enough to be loaned the latest Triumph Tiger Rally Explorer in 2022 and it was one of my best trips on what I think is an incredible motorcycle to do such a trip on hence why I just purchased one.

What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever been given?

Always ride at your own pace, even if in groups. Personally I love riding solo as you can stop when you want and on big trips I always limit my riding day to 2 hours morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. That way you enjoy and have more time to stop off on route to soak in the local scenery and culture. 

What do you bring with you on every ride?

I always travel wearing my Klim Airbag Vest, mobile phone for use for music on route or used as a sat nav, and always handy for booking accommodation through apps. I also take with me a pair of ear plugs for those long motorway sections and a good lock for when the bike is parked at my destination overnight, and these days I only now use LITELOK.

How do you keep your bike secure at home and on the go? Share your best tips to help others keep their bike safe.

I own two bikes these days the Triumph Bonneville T120 for riding round the countryside and my latest bike the Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro, both bikes I use LITELOK X1 due to their resistance to angle grinders and only use security products I trust. I also use ground anchors and a good strong chain in the garage.

When someone asks what kit you recommend, you say?

These days I mostly wear Jackets from a UK company called Merlin, their (Edale) & (Shenstone) Jackets which come with D30 armour and so comfortable. Boots I’ve always used Alpinestars long and short. I always wear riding jeans from Bullit just to be comfy and lets face it they are abrasive resistant, Kevlar lined and as good as any leathers these days. For my helmets I use Arai Tour X4 on the Tiger 1200 and an Arai Quantic Flag on the Bonneville T120.

What’s on your riding bucket list?

Two places come to mind for destinations I would love to travel by motorcycle. First one being Norway and the Nordic territories. The second being Corsica and Sardinia which I may do this August.

If you would like to watch MotoUK's channel, check it out here



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