Every Day Ride

Every.Day.Ride #18 with Cargobikestar

Every.Day.Ride #18 with Cargobikestar

We spoke to Rasmus, aka Cargobikestar to get a rundown on his Every Day Ride!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am just a regular city living dad, with high beliefs about the future of cargo bikes. Background as educated chef, now in telecommunications.

How and when did you get into riding?

It all started out with the need for a way getting around in city with kids back in 2014. Getting a car was not and option, nor did it make sense. 


What are the best and worst things about riding?

Best is without a doubt the sense of freedom, space to live, move and enjoy - worst would be windy, cold, snowy days in Malmö. 


Tell us about your most memorable ride to date?

Oh I got several - one is the joy of adventure exploring city with the kids when they were into that, now I am just a cringe dad on Instagram in their eyes 👀😄

What do you bring with you on every ride?

My Bullitt - Larry vs Harry, Keys, phone, wallet, helmet, sometimes snacks, water, lights.

How do you keep your bikes secure at home and on the go? Share your best tips to help others keep their bikes safe.

I use 4 locks, how and when depends on the circumstances, LITELOK X1 being one of them. 

Best tip:

Use 2 or more different type of locks, it gives you an extra layer of security, freedom and flexibility in terms of were/how your able to lock your cargo bike.

When someone asks what kit you recommend, you say?

Storm salute commute jacket from chrome industries - amazing long term investment.

What’s on your riding bucket list?

I don't got a bucket list 📃😬 though I'd love to explore Berlin, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Utrecht on a cargo bike. 

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