21 Cool Bike Accessories and Bike Gadgets for 2021

21 Cool Bike Accessories and Bike Gadgets for 2021

[Update: 22nd January 2021]

Check out our list of cool bike accessories and bike gadgets. Everything from high tech to simple and elegant. We've included information on where you can buy them and how much they cost. They’ll make awesome cycling gifts for friends and family...or for yourself.

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Bike Locks

1. Litelok Core

Litelok Core is an innovative bike lock that combines unparalleled strength, flexibility, and ease of use to keep your ride safe. Rated Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond, Litelok Core provides the highest level of security possible, whilst weighing significantly less than other locks with similar security credentials. It's also wearable, meaning you can carry it with ease while you ride. Perfect for high valued bikes and e-bikes.

Litelok Core

Litelok Core - From £129.99


Bags & Carriers

2. Pannier by Goodordering

A multi-talented bag that can be worn on your back or fitted onto your bike as a pannier. Made from quality water-resistant nylon with highly durable PVC binding trim, nylon lining and leather details. They’re very stylish.

Goodordering pannier - Cool bike accessories

Pannier by Goodordering - £55 


3. Loctote Anti Theft Cinch Pack

If you’re a bit more security conscious, you may wish to opt for an Anti Theft backpack instead. the Loctote cinch back is a tough, practical, daily carry backpack that's built with worry-free security features. It's perfect for traveling as it is easy to use and will keep your valuables (passports, electronics, wallets, etc) safe. It was even tested on bears.


Loctote cinch pack

Loctote Cinch Pack - £175.00


4. Banana Holder by Biken

It's a banana holder made from genuine leather, which allows riders to easily carry and access a banana on the go. We think it’s brilliant.

Bicycle banana carrier

Banana Holder - £66


5. MBB Surfboard Rack by Moved by Bikes

Struggle to fit your surfboard in your car? Now you can cycle to the beach using this cleverly designed Surfboard Rack. Designed to fit most bicycles on the market and suitable for any surfboard, long or short.


6. Ass Savers

Mudguards are really important when cycling, especially if you are mountain biking, cycling off-road, or if the weather is bad. Not only do Ass Savers protect you from flying mud debris, they also look very funky. They are a cool brand that not only provides a much-needed bit of kit, but they also make your bike look pretty stylish.

Ass Savers mudguards

 Ass Savers - From 9.00€


Beer & Other Drink Holders

7. WOODEN CITY BIKE CRATE - REAR by State Bicycle Co

This stylish wooden crate can be mounted to the back of your bike and is perfect for transporting sealed beverages. It even has a bottle opener attached to it. However, it is easier to fit it to a State Bicycle Co bike, if you have another bike you will need some additional tools and a fair few minutes of your time.

Wooden City Bike Crate - Cool Bike Accessories

Wooden City Bike Crate - From $59.99


8. Bicycle Wine Rack by Oopsmark

If the banana holder isn’t for you then you may like this handmade leather bicycle wine rack. It is perfect for taking a bottle of wine with you on the go. Easy to attach and the vegetable-tanned leather will only look better as it ages.

Bicycle Wine Rack - Cool bike accessories

Bicycle Wine Rack - From $36.00


Bike Horns

9. Loud Bicycle Horn

The Loud Bicycle horn sounds like a car horn and is just as loud too. Drivers react to car horns before they even know where the sound is coming from. A driver that gets beeped at while backing out of a driveway for example, will immediately brake. These kinds of reflexive reactions are perfect to keep cyclists safe. Initially funded via Kickstarter, they now have horns from their second batch in stock.

Loud Bicycle Horn - $95


Bike Lights

10. Beryl Laserlight

The Beryl Laserlight projects a bike symbol 6 metres in front of you. It gives you a larger footprint on the road, alerts drivers to your approach and lets you be seen in situations where you are otherwise invisible. Not only is this a really cool bike accessory, but it also has the potential to save a lot of lives.

Beryl Laserlight core - Cool Bike Accessories

Beryl Laserlight- £125.00


11. M232 Monkey Light by MonkeyLectric

MonkeyLectric party lights are fantastic. These super cool LEDs fit onto your wheel and are waterproof and dustproof. You can have thousands of amazing patterns in your spinning bicycle wheel.

M232 Monkey Light - From $48 



12. Smart Halo 2

The Smart Halo is everything you want in a GPS with its various functions and modifications. It helps with navigation, a high decibel alarm for bike theft, fitness tracker, assist with text notifications and has a built-in light. This smart GPS can connect to your phone to work with Apps such as Strava in addition of being a functional piece of kit.

Smart Halo 2

Smart Halo 2 - $149


Bike Racks

13. Hornit Clug Hybrid

Clug are making what is quite possibly the smallest available bike rack. It may be small but it does the job perfectly, allowing you to hang your bike on the wall without taking up a large amount of space. The Hybid has been designed for both commuter and gravel bikes, but there are many others to choose from.

Hornit Hybrid Clug

Hornit Clug Hybrid - £14.99



14 - 100% - Hydromatic Brisker waterproof winter glove

This low profile glove has been engineered to keep you going fast in the cold. Laminated insulated shell with waterproof breathable insert blocks out the water and keeps they dry while maintaining exceptional dexterity and control of your bike.

off road 100% cycling gloves

100% - Hydromatic Brisker waterproof winter glove - $44.50



15 - Respro City Anti Pollution Mask

This is ideal for city cyclists worried about the effects of pollution. It offers screening from the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odours associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. It has a contoured design ensuring it 'seals' comfortably. It is manufactured from Neoprene.

Cycling Mask

Respro City Anti Pollution Mask - £29.99


Phone Mount

16. Quad Lock

Quad Lock is the strongest and most secure mounting system in the UK. It integrates your smartphone into an active lifestyle allowing you to access your cycling apps while on the move. A Quadlock is a great choice for delivery riders as its simple to use and will stop people from stealing their mobiles while out and about.

Quad Lock phone mount

Quad Lock - from £22.95



17. Hexr

Hexr are sleek, well-designed helmets that puts your safety as it's primary objective. Hexr scans your head and then specially produces a helmet that is a perfect fit for you. Not only are they safe and comfortable, but they also look pretty stylish. 

Hexr Helmet

Hexr - £349.00


18 - Hedkayse Unique Helmet

Hedkayse offers multi-fit, multi-impact, foldable helmets. Their patented folding helmet design reduces the width by 50%, making it easier to carry when you arrive at your destination. What is great about the unique helmet, is that you can design it yourself. Hedkayse allows you to customise your own helmet to feature colours that match your riding gear, or even showcase your favourite musicians.

hedkayse unique

Hedkayse Unique Helmet - £150


19. HÖVDING 2.0

This extraordinary helmet only appears when you need it. You wear it around your neck and if you fall off your bike or crash, it deploys like an airbag. It is quite ingenious.

Hovding - Cool Bike Accessories

HÖVDING 2.0 - from £249



20 - Aftershokz Openmove wireless Headphones

I know many people don't like to recommend headphones to cyclists because it can be dangerous. Not being able to hear traffic around you can put you in a vulnerable position. Aftershokz Openmove headphones are designed to give you great sound quality, whilst also allowing the sound of traffic to come through making them perfect for outdoor activity.

Aftershokz openmove

Aftershokz Openmove wireless Headphones - £79.95



21. RearViz SL-15 by RVI Active

These lightweight arm-mounted bicycle mirrors are perfect for cyclists as they give a clear view of all surroundings.

RearViz SL-15 Cool Bike Accessories

RearViz SL-15 - From $37.95

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