Success Stories

Since Litelok Gold first launched in 2015, we have been contacted by many happy customers thanking us for keeping their bike safe. Check out our Litelok success stories below:


Litelok stops bike theft

Ali locked his bike in New York. Thieves tried to pick the lock, use bolt croppers and even tried yanking it from the pole. They were unable to break the lock and, as a result, Ali still has his bike.


Bike thief tries to cut through Litelok but fails

George returned from lunch with his mother to find someone had attempted to cut his Litelok to steal his bike. They couldn’t get through the Litelok, but sadly they cut the bike frame instead.


Litelok stops another bike theft

Thieves fail to cut Litelok at the University of Liverpool.


Litelok stops a bike thief in Lyon, France

Thieves tried to cut Clémentine’s Litelok in 2 places but gave up as Litelok proved too tough to defeat.


Litelok stops bike thieves in London UK

Sarah wrote a wonderful blog for us, detailing her experience of catching two thieves trying to steal her bike. They tried breaking her Litelok for 10 minutes but they couldn’t get through it.


Litelok stops bike thief in Cambridge, UK

Thieves tried and failed to saw through a Litelok at the Cycle Park in Cambridge’s train station.


Litelok stops another bike thief in Lyon, France

One of our customers interrupted 2 thieves attempting to steal his bike with a range of tools.


Litelok vs bike thieves - caught on camera

We received CCTV footage of two London bike thieves attempting to steal a customer’s bike. The footage shows that they were at it for over 13 minutes before giving up.


Litelok stops thieves in Zeeland, Netherlands.

Despite being in a busy area, thieves attempted to steal a customer’s bike whilst he was on holiday in the Netherlands. Litelok stopped another bike from being stolen.


Litelok stops thief in Brighton, UK

Customer’s bike was left overnight in a parking garage and was still there the following morning thanks to Litelok.


Litelok stops bike thief at train station in London

One of our customers recently tweeted us to say that their Litelok stopped a thief from stealing their bike.


Litelok stops bike thief in Berlin

We were recently contacted by Berlin resident Zack to inform us of the attempted theft of his bike. Luckily his bike was secured with his Litelok, which the thieves didn't manage to cut through.


Litelok withstands fire attack, saves another bike

A thief tried to burn their way through a Litelok in order to steal a bike. However, they didn't get very far.


Litelok stops bike thieves in Copenhagen - Twice

Jacob's Litelok Gold protected his beautiful MATE bike on two separate occasions.


Litelok stops bike thief in Moscow

A thief attempted to get through a Litelok Gold using a handsaw. They didn't succeed and another bike was saved.