Litelok has been positively reviewed by many of the cycling industry's top publications as well as respected media outlets.

Review: Litelok Gold

"A very secure, Sold Secure Gold rated bicycle lock that doesn’t weigh a ton and is more flexible than a D-lock."

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12 best bike locks

"Litelok is the most innovative design we’ve seen in years."

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A lock you’ll love

"The Litelok does what all good bike locks should do: it makes thieves think twice about trying to steal your bicycle." 

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Litelok review: First impressions of Kickstarter funded lightweight lock

"So would I recommend one? Yes. I bloody well would. With its innovative design, super light weight and gold rated performance it provides an awful lot of peace of of mind"

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LITELOK Review: Lightweight AND High security?

“The flexible shape and generous internal space give you loads more locking options than a standard sized U-lock.”

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Litelok Review – Bicycle Lock Test

“It’s security credentials are undoubted and it is undeniably light for a lock of this quality. We would more than happily entrust the safety of our beloved bike to the LITELOK.”

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Litelok Gold Wearable

“Litelok Gold Wearable presents an innovative version of a bicycle lock which is worn practically on the body and made of durable and therefore very safe material.”

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The bike lock as a fashion statement: Litelok Silver.

"Without exaggerating, one simply has to say that the Litelok Silver is one of the best locks for everyday life."

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