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Weighs just 1.1 Kg (2.4 lbs). Litelok is the lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock available.


Liteloks bend and flex, giving you more places to secure your bike compared with rigid D-locks.


Independently tested by Sold Secure, achieving their highest security rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Gold.

Click to lock

Lock up your bike quickly with our click to lock system, no keys needed. Keys only used to open Litelok.

Easy to carry

Many places to carry your Litelok while you ride. Along the top tube, bike frame or in a bag. You decide.

Twin locks

Join two Liteloks for double length. Or use separately for double security. Both use the same set of keys.




What is Litelok Gold?

Litelok Gold is the world’s lightest, flexible Gold security bike lock. The strap is made from a patented composite called Boaflexicore, which is comprised of layers of innovative materials that keep Liteloks lightweight but difficult to cut or break. Each layer provides additional security, meaning it can withstand sustained attack from tools like cable cutters, bolt croppers, crowbars and hacksaws. The locking mechanism, also patented, is made from hardened steel and is very difficult to pick. Proudly made in Britain. Watch our 30 second introductory video which demonstrates Litelok’s key features.


Why should I trust my bicycle with a Litelok Gold?

Litelok Gold has been independently tested by the UK's most reputable bike lock testing organisation Sold Secure. Our lock has achieved the highest security rating known as Sold Secure Gold, and is the lightest, flexible bike lock to have achieved that rating. You can see Litelok listed as Gold on the Sold Secure website here.

Our street testing video shows how a single Litelok Gold performs against sustained attack from common theft tools. Watch the trailer below.

We even challenged Matthew ‘Pritch’ Pritchard (former MTV star and Ironman athlete) to try to break a Litelok Gold bike lock using the same tools a thief would use. Despite trying his best, Pritch didn’t even come close to breaking it! Watch trailer below.


How has Litelok Gold performed in the real world?

Liteloks have stopped bikes from being stolen all over the world:


Has Litelok Gold won any awards?

Yes! Litelok Gold has won multiple awards:

2017 - Best Bike Lock (Foldable) - Cycling Plus
2016 - Best Cycling Innovation - London Cycling Awards
2015 - Voted onto Innovation Alley - Interbike North America
2015 - Industrial Design Winner - K-Design Award
2015 - Product Innovation Winner - iSustain Award


How is Litelok Gold better than any other U-lock / chain lock?

U-locks are made of heavy, rigid metal and have zero flexibility. Litelok Gold is flexible so you can lock your bicycle around a wider range of fixed objects.

Chain locks are flexible, but are typically very heavy and some can be cut easily with bolt cutters. Liteloks can’t.


What are Twin Liteloks?

Our innovative in-line lock allows us to offer Litelok Gold in twin-lock format - ie a multi-pack of two Liteloks which operate from the same unique key. You can use the two Liteloks separately for double security, or joined together for double length.

Twin locks


Litelok Reviews

“...a rather clever design that uses a flexible multi-layer material that’s been christened ‘Boaflexicore’. Having many layers means that the lock is able to withstand attack from pretty much all the tools your average [ thief ] might bring to bear yet still wrap round things unlike a clunky U-lock.”

– Bike Radar

“I really enjoyed using the LITELOK. It’s a lot tougher than it looks. It gives me loads more locking options when the bike racks are full. It’s really easy to carry. And it’s incredibly light for a high security lock”

– Carl

Who invented Litelok Gold?

Litelok Gold was founded and invented by Professor Neil Barron, a former Aeronautical Engineer (Rolls-Royce aero engines), designer and keen cyclist. After having several of his bicycles stolen on the streets of London, and fed up with having to carry around heavy bike locks, Neil thought there must be a way to create a high-security, lightweight bike lock. Many cyclists Neil spoke to agreed that it didn’t seem right that as bicycles were getting lighter and lighter, secure bike locks were getting heavier and heavier. After years of research, development and testing, Neil and his team created Litelok Gold and introduced it to the world in March 2015.

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