How do I open and close a Litelok?

ALWAYS push the key in fully before turning 180º clockwise. This is very, very important. If you force the key to turn when it’s not fully inserted you might jam the lock, making it inoperable. This scenario is NOT covered by the warranty.

If you have trouble turning the key ensure it’s fully inserted and then gently wiggle the key from side to side, turn anticlockwise, remove and try again. If the issue persists please contact the place of purchase.


How much does Litelok weigh?

A Litelok is 1.1 Kg (2.4 lbs). About the same weight as a full bottle of wine, glass and liquid. Litelok Gold is the lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock.

But weight alone doesn’t give you the whole picture. As most locks are different lengths, we’ve created a new metric for bike locks called the Lock Mass Index (LMI). This metric is simply the weight of the lock in kilograms divided by its length (or circumference) in metres. The LMI number of a lock can then be compared against that of other locks of the same security rating, eg. Gold. The lower the better.


Has it been independently tested?

Yes, absolutely!

Litelok Gold has been independently tested by UK based organisation Sold Secure. Our lock has achieved the highest security rating known as Sold Secure Gold, and is the lightest, flexible bike lock to have achieved that rating. You can see Litelok listed as Gold on the Sold Secure website here.

Achieving Sold Secure Gold is proof that Litelok can withstand sustained attack, to the highest level, from common theft tools (such as cable cutters, bolt cutters, hacksaws, scaffolding poles, lock picking, freezing agent and more). Read more about testing.


Has Litelok Gold won any awards?

Yes! Litelok Gold has won multiple awards including Best Bike Lock (foldable) by Cycling Plus. To see our full list of accolades please go here.

Can it withstand an angle grinder?

No bicycle lock can withstand attack from an angle grinder for any significant amount of time.

Litelok Gold has achieved the highest security rating of Gold from Sold Secure, the most reputable independent bike lock testing agency in the UK. This means that Litelok can withstand sustained attack against common theft tools to the highest level.


Do I still need bicycle insurance?

We highly recommend it, but of course it’s up to you.

In the UK, some insurers require that you have a Sold Secure rated bicycle lock. Litelok has achieved the highest security rating, Sold Secure Gold, which means you should be able to insure bicycles of higher value.


Will Liteloks scratch my bike?

Attaching Litelok correctly with supplied wrap straps will not scratch your bike. It is your responsibility to make sure that your Litelok is secure so that it doesn't rub against your bike/paint work'


How is Litelok better than any other U-lock / chain lock?

U-locks are not flexible. Liteloks are flexible, meaning you can lock your bike around more things. Chain locks are flexible, but are typically very heavy and some can be cut easily with bolt cutters. Liteloks can’t.


How strong is the locking mechanism and can it be picked?

Very, very strong and very difficult to pick. The lock is made using a trusted and established British manufacturer.


Can I order more than one Litelok that can be used with the same key?

Twin Liteloks can already be operated with the same key.

However if you want 3 or more Liteloks to be operated with the same key you will need to add the following note on the cart page:

“Please key alike all locks in this order.”

This is a special order and will take longer to dispatch to you. Please email us at hello@litelok.com to find out current delivery times for keyed alike products.


In order to key alike your Liteloks you must inform us at point of sale, i.e. the cart page. We are not able to key alike Liteloks you already own.


What is the length of a Litelok?

Length: 736 mm (29 inches)

Width (lock, the widest part): 65 mm (2.56 inches)

Width (strap): 50 mm (1.97 inches)

View our full range of Litelok products.


How do I carry my Litelok?

We recommend either putting it in a bag or attaching it with BOTH of the two high visibility hook and loop wrapstraps provided along the top tube of your bike frame. Please see video below on how to use wrapstraps. 

This may not work for all frames in which case you need to find another location which is SAFE and SECURE. If you are unsure whether your Litelok is secured safely DO NOT SET OFF ON YOUR BIKE. Take time to adjust or find another way to carry your Litelok.


How do I lock my bike with a Litelok?

ALWAYS lock your bike to a fixed object through the back wheel and frame and keep the lock off the ground. Ideally use a Litelok on the front wheel too. Alternatively you can remove it and securely lock it along with the back wheel. Check out our video guide below. ALWAYS check your lock before leaving your bike.


Check out our other videos and images.


How do I look after my Litelok?

Clean and lubricate your Litelok regularly. Wipe all surfaces with a soft cloth and if necessary use a small amount of soapy water to clean them before drying. Take care not to introduce water into the locking mechanism itself. Litelok has been designed to resist dirt and corrosion but we recommend drying the product if it gets wet. The locking mechanism can be lubricated with a small amount of lubricant applied periodically through the keyhole.

Litelok is supplied with an aerospace-rated anti-corrosion protection coating applied in production. This may make your lock feel a little waxy particularly on the metal surfaces but this is normal. The coating should last a year after which time you can reapply with a proprietary product. Contact us for our recommendations. 

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