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You Know You're a City Cyclist When...

Do you go crazy for cycling? Then you probably cycle anywhere and everywhere to get around the city, right? Well, you might have noticed that you’ve picked up some tell-tale traits. In fact, you may as well wear a sign on your forehead that says you cycle in the city.

You know you’re a city cyclist when…

1. You happen to know the exact locations of practically all the pubs in the area…

You pass pubs on your daily commute therefore you know exactly where to go for a swift half or some pub grub.

2. So you have no problem meeting your friends for a drink straight after work.

If a friend suggests meeting for a bevvy after work, you can cycle over there pronto. You know the whereabouts of the watering holes in the city like the back of your hand, so you can hop on your bike after a hard day at the office and head to the pub in no time.

3. Yet you can’t seem to get to work before 8:30am.

You always have a reason why you arrive late to work; you blame your mum/brother/child/cat/goldfish. However, deep down you know in order to get to work on time you need to leave the house earlier. Unless, of course, you plan on cycling to work in record timing going forward? Challenge accepted!

4. You know how to cycle somewhere but you don’t know how to drive there.

You know all the cycling shortcuts, but do you know how to get to these places by car? Absolutely not. In fact, you’re about as helpful as a chocolate teapot when a driver asks you for directions.

5. You sometimes fall off your bike at the traffic lights because you’ve forgotten that you’re clipped into the pedals.

You hate to admit it, but this has definitely happened to you a few times. It’s not always easy to remember that your feet are clipped in, so you sometimes forget to unclip when you stop at traffic lights or a roundabout. The result? An embarrassing, but not uncommon, fall and an ever so slightly bruised ego!

6. You can’t help but feel smug when you cycle past standstill traffic.

City cycling is full of stop-starts. However, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as casually cycling past a traffic jam. Motorists probably enjoy watching you get soaked by a big lorry when one drives through a puddle, but you equally enjoy pedalling past when they’re at a standstill.

 If you can relate to more than half of these points, you are, without a doubt, a city cyclist. Do you have everything you need to cycle in the city? Take a look at the following blog posts to find out if you have all the essentials for bike commuting:

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