Why Litelok is the Best Bike Lock for eBikes

Why Litelok is the Best Bike Lock for eBikes

Electric bikes are getting more and more popular. They give you the freedom of cycling without having to worry about getting up hills, they allow you to cycle even further than normal, and they still help you improve your fitness. But they aren’t only desirable to cyclists, they are also desirable to bike thieves. The added benefits make them a target so it is really important to make sure you buy the right bike lock to keep your eBike safe. We believe that Litelok is the perfect eBike lock.

Litelok best bike lock for eBikes

Is a Security Rating important for an eBike?

Because of the added value, it is very important to get a lock that has been rated highly by an independent security testing facility. Here in the UK, Sold Secure is the number one testing house for security products. They are highly respected by the industry and bicycle insurers will use their ratings when listing conditions for providing insurance. Litelok Gold is not only rated Sold Secure Bicycle Gold but also Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold, meaning it is very secure.

We also offer Litelok Theft Protection, meaning that if your bike is stolen whilst secure with a Litelok, it’ll be replaced (subject to T&Cs). Litelok Theft Protection is available to bikes up to £5,000 and covers eBikes. So not only are you using a highly rated, independently tested lock, but you also get further peace of mind when leaving your bike unattended.

Is Weight important for an eBike?

Having unnecessary weight added on to your eBike will mean the battery will run out much faster. More weight means more power is needed. If you are on a long ride and the battery does run out, then you’ll have no extra help peddling your eBike, plus the added weight, home. You’ll also be charging it more frequently which will cost you money. 

Litelok makes the lightest, flexible, insurance rated locks on the planet. Our Litelok Gold Original starts at just 1.1 Kg. This is considerably lighter than other Sold Secure Gold rated locks. You can compare the weight and length of our Liteloks to other Sold Secure rated locks here.

Litelok Hill Climb

Is a Flexible lock important for an eBike?

A flexible lock will give you options when it comes to securing your bike. A lot of rigid D-locks will struggle to fit street furniture such as lamp posts. If you cycle to meet your friends for a coffee, you may spend a portion of time trying to find somewhere to secure your bike. Even when you find somewhere, it may be out of your sight. If you have spent a lot of money on your eBike then ideally you would like to lock it up where you can see it. That way you’ll notice if anyone suspicious is loitering near your pride and joy. 

Litelok isn’t restricted when it comes to securing your bike on the street. The flexibility means it can easily fit around lamp posts and telegraph poles, as well as railings and Sheffield stands. We also sell Twin Liteloks, meaning you can purchase two Litelok Golds which operate from the same set of keys. You’ll then be able to either use them separately and secure both wheels and frame, or join them together for a double-length lock. You could always use one to secure your battery, giving it an extra layer of protection. 

Two Liteloks Securing eBikes

Is a Wearable Lock important for an eBike?

Many people choose to carry their locks inside their frame. With an eBike however, this may not always be possible. Many eBikes keep the battery inside the frame which limits space. If you also have a water bottle then this limits space even further. This is why a wearable lock is perfect.

Litelok Gold Wearables come in three different sizes with even the largest size weighing less than 1.5Kg. They have the same Gold Standard security rating as the Litelok Gold Original, and they come with a lockstopper which allows you to safely secure the lock around your waist without it locking. Locking a bike lock around your waist can be dangerous and that is why we engineered a safe way for people to wear their Liteloks. 

Litelok Gold Wearable bike lock 

Is Engineering Quality important for an eBike?

Engineering quality is always important. You want to purchase something that is well made and works. Our Liteloks are engineered in Britain and made to last. Our locks are made from a patented flexible composite material called Boaflexicore, which resists attack from multiple theft tools by harnessing hundreds of filaments of high tensile steel in a polymer matrix. 

We use high-grade materials and high-grade manufacturing to produce innovative bike locks. All of our Liteloks are assembled and quality checked in our high-tech manufacturing facility in South Wales. We are the only bike lock brand that is manufactured here in the UK. Quality is of utmost importance to us and it should be to you too. Don’t invest your hard-earned money into a beautiful eBike if you don’t plan on buying a high-quality lock to keep it safe. 

Litelok best bike lock for eBikes

Litelok's unique mixture of high security, lightweight materials and flexibility makes it the perfect bike lock to use when securing an eBike.