Top Tips to ensure you get the best UCI Road World Championships 2019 experience

Top Tips to ensure you get the best UCI Road World Championships 2019 experience

We have done the hard work for you and put together a small selection of our top tips, allowing you to enjoy the Road World Championships to its maximum potential! Throughout this blog, we will look at areas such as the Fan Zone, the Elite Races and where is best to spectate.

There are many races to spectate and plenty of activities to take part in throughout the week, with most of them being free and family friendly. In addition to this, there are various things to see and participate in around Harrogate. Did we also mention that the whole event is free to the public?

Fan Zone

Located on ‘The Stray’, (HG2 8AP) the Fan Zone is the best place to watch all the action on the big screens. There’s also food and refreshments here along with industry-leading traders. You can look, demo and purchase from some of the best bicycle companies in the U.K. This is where we will be based (stand 52), allowing you to sample both Litelok Gold and Litelok Silver.

We will even be giving someone the chance to WIN a Litelok Gold Wearable for FREE! If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning then just pop by our stand.

Lastly, the podiums from each race will be presented at the Fan Zone for all the crowd to enjoy and celebrate with the race winners. The entry is free and can be accessed by all.

Top Tips while at the UCI Road World Championships

  • Each race starts in a different location but finishes in Harrogate. Find out the routes in advance so you know which race is taking place each day.
  • Pack light, but with the weather in mind. The rain could roll in at any time and get cold! Make sure to have the right clothing and refreshments if you're on the hills or even in the Fan Zone...Ponchos are cheap and easy to carry. 
  • Make sure to download the ‘Yorkshire 2019’ app to keep up to date on all the relevant information and to the movement of each race. Also, keep up to date on social media at @Yorkshire2019 for activities and @Y2019Travel for travel updates including road closures.
  • Don’t forget to walk around and see the amazing open spaces that Harrogate has to offer. In addition to the racing, there are many great evening events taking place in and around the village.
  • If you are driving to the event, make sure to arrive at your destination as early as possible! Road closures and limited parking will be problematic around Harrogate and the route itself, due to the large number of spectators attending. It is also mentioned that it may be easier to access Harrogate or places throughout the race via rail and bus. You could even cycle to the location you want to be at!
  • The Fan Zone has a free ‘Bicycle Parking’ zone that is secure while at the event. 
  • Various towns along each route will be making the most of the opportunity to make your experience the best it can be, so make sure to grab a cup of tea and cake. 
  • Lastly, Make sure you bring the noise for each race! The more atmosphere throughout the race, the faster the racers will go!

The Elite Women's and Men's routes for 2019

The Women's Elite road race will start in Bradford and head north to take in 150km of Yorkshire's finest road for all to spectate and join in the action, this includes two main climb and three laps of Harrogate. 

The first climb which is called the ‘Norwood Edge’ is the shorter of the two climbs but has an average gradient of 7.7% with a maximum of 16%. This 2.3km climb starts steeply before levelling out at the top, it is a classic climb in the rolling hillside of Yorkshire and has been used for many hill climb TT’s throughout the years.  

The second and longest climb is the ‘Lofthouse’. It’s 2.8km long and has an average of 9%, that turns into a maximum gradient of 17%. The road is tight and narrow, meaning that you can get close to the racers to motivate them to the top.

Swooping back down south, the race will take in three laps of the Harrogate Circuit before crowning the Elite Women’s world champion for 2019. The circuit will be the perfect opportunity for seeing the racers at multiple times. Every section of this circuit can play a factor before crossing the line. 

The final day will be the Men’s Elite Road Race which starts in Leeds and finishes in Harrogate. This is a total distance of 285km which will take in three steep climbs and seven laps around the village of Harrogate. The first main climb is the ‘Kidstones’ which has a maximum gradient of 15% and has an average of 8%, a great first hill to prepare the men for the two gruelling climbs.  

The second climb is the ‘Buttertubs’, which is 4.4km with an average of 6.5% but has a whopping maximum gradient of 20%. This is one of the best hill climb spectator viewing points on the course, it was packed to the roof in 2014 when the Tour De France started in Yorkshire. 

The third and final climb on the course is called the ‘Grinton Moor’ with an elevation gain of 200 metres. It’s shorter than the ‘Buttertubs’ but is still a tough climb after racing for over 120km, it has an average gradient of 7% and is in the very top of the Yorkshire moors. The weather could have an effect but it’s a good spectator point if you want to see a long stretch of road. 

This is all before the seven laps fast laps around the tight and twisting Harrogate circuit where rainbow colours will be given to the winner of the 2019 UCI Road World Championships for 2019!

Who do you think will win the rainbow stripes this year?