The Most Cycle Friendly Cities in the World

The Most Cycle Friendly Cities in the World

Cycling has taken the world by storm, with more people wanting to get fit, reduce their carbon footprint and save a bit of money. But, where has cycling truly taken off? Here you can discover the most cycle friendly cities in the world so you can add them to your travel bucket list.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

This city is world-famous for its cycling culture. If you’ve never been to Copenhagen before, you’ll be amazed by the number of cyclists that whizz by. If you have, you’ll already know that this city is heaven on earth for cyclists. In fact, four out of five people have access to a bike and children are taught to ride by the time they start school.

It’s safe to say that Copenhagen is one of the best places for cycling, with the 290km span of designated bike lanes and a Cycle Super Highway - a lane that connects the city with Albertslund to ensure cyclists have the best conditions possible.

Cycling in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tony Webster under CC by 2.0

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam may be renowned for the Red Light District but that’s not all this popular holiday spot has to offer; the city is practically synonymous with cycling.

In order to truly get a feel of Amsterdam, you’ll need to go out and explore on a bike. The city has over 800,000 bikes which means there are actually more bikes than people; who would have thought?!

The streets in Amsterdam are fairly flat making it easier for cyclists to pedal around the city, be it to commute to work or cart around groceries. One might think the city was made for cyclists, especially with the 4km of accommodating cycle paths , and you’ll  have no trouble renting a bike as there are rental spots dotted all over this bike friendly city. Amsterdam is a cyclist’s dream.

Cycling in Amsterdamn, Netherlands

  1. Portland, Oregon

Europe is pretty hard to beat but Portland is up there when it comes to the best cycling cities in the world. Why? Well, thanks to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, there are improvements currently being made to help both citizens and tourists get around safely on two wheels. Cyclists will be able to navigate around the city much easier with the free printed maps and safety information available.

Portland is also home to what’s thought to be one of the greenest public bike rental systems in the world. Instead of unnecessarily using excess kiosks, the city is making the most of the bike corrals that are already in place.

There are also useful amenities available, such as bike lockers, classes for bike riders and etiquette guides. This city is certainly proving to be cycle friendly!

nickfalbo under CC by SA 2.0

  1. Boulder, Colorado

As you can imagine, the residents of Boulder love the outdoors. When it comes to vast open spaces, Boulder has acres of them, therefore it’s no real surprise that cycling is an extremely popular way to get around the city. 

Boulder has bike lanes, paths and routes galore, making it one cycle friendly city indeed.  In fact, 15% of the city’s transportation budget is invested in improving and promoting bicycle travel, therefore Boulder is only going to become more cycle friendly.

Almost every major roadway has a designated cycling area and there’s even a bike registration programme in place to help protect bicycles from theft; now that really puts it on the map for one of the best places for cycling.

 Cycling in Boulder, Colorado

Steven Depolo under CC by 2.0

  1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal boasts an impressive 600km of bike paths, so it’s no surprise that this lively Canadian city has made it to our pick of the most cycle friendly cities in the world. Especially as an annual bike festival is held in Montreal, encouraging cyclists of all ages and abilities to take part.

The city also actively promotes cycling through its successful self-serve rental system, with over 5000 Bixi bikes available at 460 stations across Montreal. Those who want to try Bixi for free can do so on the last Sunday of every month, providing the ride is less than 30 minutes. That’s certainly an incentive for people to get on their bikes!

 Cycling in Montreal, Canada

  1. Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, approximately 14% of all commuters are cyclists. Whilst this may seem like a low statistic, the bustling capital city is the most densely populated prefecture in Japan and one of the largest in the world.

Due to the many bike paths, cycling tours and grassy parks, cycling is a great way to get around Tokyo, be it to commute or sightsee. There are also numerous options for renting bicycles and, as Japan is renowned for making high-end bicycles, there are plenty of bike shops for purchases.

The roads in Tokyo may be busy, but speed limits are firmly in place and motorists are considerate towards cyclists.

Cycling in Tokyo, Japan

Ikusuki under CC by 2.0

So, now you know all about the most cycle friendly cities in the world. If you fancy visiting these cities then no matter how cycle friendly the place is, you should always remember to lock up your bike. Browse our range of lightweight bicycle locks today and buy a sturdy lock that will effectively protect your bike from being stolen.