The HB.T: The F1 bike of track cycling?

The HB.T: The F1 bike of track cycling?

The HB.T track bike

The collaboration between Hope and Lotus has created a track bike that is unique in the cycling community. It's called the HB.T and will be used by Team GB in next year’s 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. With UCI deciding to adjust the ruling of track bikes, they are now allowed forks and seat stays to be up to 8cm wide. This has created a completely different profile around each wheel of a track bike, which will reduce drag and will dramatically create faster bikes and thrilling racing. It is also worth mentioning that British Cycling were heavily involved with the design. Are Olympic medals already on their mind?

The Fork

The HB.T Front view - the fork

The cockpit of the bike has a bullmoose-like stem that is integrated into the handlebar, this dramatically reduces drag by having a more aerodynamic combination to allow air to flow through more efficiently. The wide dual crown fork that reaches above the head tube into the stem looks insanely strange and hasn’t been seen before. The narrow profile fork has also been extended to the UCI limit which is wider than a normal fork width before returning to a more standard dropout at the bottom. This has been designed to cut through the air more efficiently and to reduce drag. 

The Rear

The HB.T Rear view

The rear is just as bizarre as the front of the bike with the wider seat stays extending above the seat tube of the seat clamp. This design is totally unique as seat stays normally sit low down the seat tube for more aerodynamic capabilities. In addition to this, the wider rear triangle of the frame around the rear wheel is an innovative design which reduces drag. 

Running-up to the 2020 Olympics

The HB.T bike on a cycling track

The HB.T must be raced in a number of events in 2019 to be approved for the Tokyo Olympics next year. This shouldn't be a problem as it complies with the UCI rulebook changes. You can see the bike in action in its first race in Belarus (1-3 November) and then up North in Glasgow (8-10 November).

The official press release states that the HB.T will be available for the public to purchase with all the components and design that is to be used in the 2020 Olympics but there is no word on the availability or pricing. We would imagine that you may want to start saving now as it may cost a lot of money, especially if the results start to show what the track bike is capable of. 

All images courtesy of Hope Tech