The Best GPS Devices for Cycle Touring

If you haven’t already got yourself a snazzy GPS-equipped cycle computer then it’s about time you did. Why? Well whether you’re riding, training or touring, you’ll need this device to help you track your progress. Discover our pick of the best on the market here.

Garmin Edge 810

The beauty of the Garmin Edge 810 is that it has a battery life of up to 17 hours, so you know it’ll see you through a day of biking. This compact device will set you back about £250, but it’ll be worth every penny.

As you know, the UK isn’t always blessed with sunny skies and can often be pretty dismal so, the Garmin Edge 810 was built to survive the worst of the weather. It’s fully waterproof plus it also works with gloves on so you won’t need to remove them during those cold conditions. When the sun does come out, the transflective screen will make the display on the device easy to read.

The maps are stored on the microSD card, so route planning is quick, and the results are impressive as the device is able to find cycle-specific routes with ease.

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Mio Cyclo 505

Although the design of the Mio Cyclo 55 isn’t anything to write home about, this device makes up for it with its capabilities and specifications.

The screen resolution is high, therefore the interface is sharp and clear; just what you want for looking at the onscreen maps, which are crammed with detail. Like the Garmin Edge 810, the screen is waterproof and boasts a transflective display.

The battery life of the Mio Cyclo 505 has up to 12 hours plus it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so there are plenty of good reasons why you’ll love this gadget. At round £280, you can’t fault this device, which comes with an amazing feature called Surprise Me. This automatically generates a choice of three local routes according to how far or how long you want to ride for. Pretty cool, right?

Garmin Edge 1000

If you really want to splash out on a GPS then go for the Garmin Edge 1000. This is the crème de la crème of cycling GPS devices.

Whilst it shaves off 2 hours battery life in comparison to its sibling, the Edge 810, it flaunts a sharper 3 inch display and is noticeably sleeker in terms of design. However, if you really want to squeeze a bit more battery out, you can always disable the high-precision GLONASS GPS tracking.

Due to its large display, maps and navigation are improved; naturally it is also waterproof and has transflective LCD technology like the others. The Garmin Edge 100 is resilient too so, if you do happen to knock it off with your knee then it’ll survive, apart from perhaps a few dents and scratches.

This GPS has desirable ANT+ connectivity and successfully delivers an abundance of data in an easy to read format. So, providing you’re hooked up, you can easily determine your heart rate and speed.

The Garmin Edge 1000 retails at around £280 and is the perfect gadget to keep you on track on a cycling trip.

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Have we missed your favourite GPS device off our list? Then let us know by tweeting us @Litelok.

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