The Best Cycling Songs for Your Summer Playlist

The Best Cycling Songs for Your Summer Playlist

With summer in full swing there’s no excuse not to go on a beast of a bike ride, but what tunes should you add to your music device? Discover our pick of the best cycling songs so you can create a sizzling playlist for this summer.

Demi Lovato – Confident

This track is certain to power you through your bike ride. When you’re struggling to cycle uphill, this uplifting song about self-empowerment will encourage you to keep on pedalling.

Calvin Harris & Haim – Pray to God

Calvin Harris never fails to disappoint when it comes to producing upbeat anthems and his collaboration with Haim, Pray to God, is no different. This song will give you the boost you need (and want) when you’re tackling those challenging cycling routes.

Missy Elliott – WTF

Who else are you going to turn to for motivational music for cycling? Long-reigning queen of hip hop, Missy Elliott. Her latest hit, WTF, can get you through long distance running, weightlifting and of course, cycling. Be sure to add this quirky hip-hop beat to your playlist if you’re serious about surviving those epic cycling routes this summer.

Becky G – Break a Sweat

If this catchy jam doesn’t inspire you to break a sweat then we’re not sure what will. Crank the volume up and listen to Becky’s very apt lyrics: “baby break a sweat, break a sweat / baby break a sweat / don’t get tired yet, tired yet”. This dance-pop single is the perfect music for bike riding.

Sia – Chandelier

If you love putting your pedalling skills to the test and want to improve your mountain bike skills, you’ll no doubt plan a route that includes challenging hill climbs, right? Well, Sia’s Chandelier is the perfect song to get you over those dreaded hills to desirable destinations.

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Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine

This classic is certain to lift your spirits. Turn up the volume and pedal to your heart’s content. This feel-good song will keep you moving no matter how difficult the climbs ahead are. Add this fun and upbeat track to your playlist and you’ll stay focused on your bike ride, even when the going gets tough.

So, now you know of the best cycling songs to add to your playlist this summer. Are there any truly motivational tracks you think we’ve missed? Then tweet us @Litelok. We’d love to find out what you listen to when you go out on a cycling adventure!