The Best Clothes for Bike Commuting

The Best Clothes for Bike Commuting

Commuting by bike is fun and affordable and even better than that, it’s healthy for you as well as the environment. However, it’s important that you have the right clothes for cycling to ensure you’re comfortable and, most importantly, safe. Here you can discover our pick of the best clothes for bike commuting.

Waterproof Jacket

In the UK, rain is pretty much guaranteed all year round. While you may see the tiniest ray of sunshine in the morning and hope for a scorcher, it’s quite likely to rain at some point during the day. And the last thing you want is to be cycling home from work in the pouring rain, right?

Always take a waterproof jacket with you, no matter how short your journey is. Choose a jacket that’s light and flexible, such as a pac a mac, so you can whip it out of your rucksack as soon as the rain starts to fall.


Another annoyance for any cyclist is to have a t-shirt that’s flapping around in the wind. Other than it being plain irritating, you’ll find yourself feeling cold. The solution? A cycling jersey.

A cycling jersey is designed to fit you perfectly when you’re pedalling away; plus it’s made from a breathable material therefore it’ll help transfer sweat away from your body. If you want to maximise your comfort when you cycle, a jersey is a no-brainer.



Chafing is a cyclist’s worst nightmare. It can become so sore that it can prevent you from wanting to get on your bike at all. How can you avoid it? Buy a decent pair of cycling shorts.

A good pair will have a chamois pad sewn into the crotch to minimise friction and make cycling much more comfortable. When it comes to cycling shorts, don’t skimp; unless, of course, you’re prepared to let your inner thighs suffer the consequences!

If you’re going to be commuting on your bike on a regular basis, it’s well worth splashing out on decent cycling shorts.

Cycling Shoes

It’s important to wear the correct shoes for cycling. You’d make sure you have the correct footwear for horse riding or rugby, wouldn’t you? Well, cycling shouldn’t be any different.

Cycling shoes are designed with stiff soles to protect your feet and help with pedalling. They tend to feature attachment points for pedal cleats on the sole of the shoe so that you can clip yourself into the pedals.

A good pair of cycling shoes is ideal for those who take cycling seriously. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be checking out this blog if you weren’t an enthusiastic cyclist. So, you know what to do: invest in much needed cycling shoes!

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