Anti Theft Backpacks - The best for Cycling and Commuting

Anti Theft Backpacks - The best for Cycling and Commuting

Cycling to work is good for you and good for the environment, we all know that. However, there are some security factors to take into account, especially if you live and work in high-risk areas such as big cities. Firstly, you’ll need the best bike lock for your bike. You might also need an anti theft backpack for your personal belongings, to safely store everything you need for the day ahead; It’s estimated 400,000 travellers fall victim to pickpockets every day worldwide.

Anti Theft backpack
What makes a good Anti Theft Backpack?

When you are looking for an anti theft backpack, you need to find a perfect balance between security functions and practicality. These are the most important features we recommend looking for when purchasing your anti theft backpack.

RFID Protection

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) theft uses radio frequency mechanics to gather an individual's personal information. In an age where you can pay for goods and services by just tapping your card or phone against a card reader, it’s no surprise that RFID theft is becoming more common. Many anti theft backpacks have pockets and compartments that use materials that shield your belongings from this sort of thing.

Secret Pockets

In busy urban areas, it’s quite common for thieves to be able to unzip a pocket in your bag, stick their hand in, steal what they can, and close it again without you even realising. Having secret pockets makes that a lot harder for them. A lot of anti theft backpacks will have the main bag zipper or fastener comfortably pressed against your back as you wear the bag, making it almost impossible to open by thieves without you noticing.

Slash Proof Material

Having secret pockets and hidden zips are great, but if the thief can take a knife to the bag to create their own opening, then the hidden pockets become redundant. Slash proof material is designed to withstand attacks from knives.


Protecting it from rain and spillage is very important, nobody wants a wet laptop or soggy notebook.


Nobody wants an uncomfortable backpack. And there is no excuse to substitute comfort for security. Look for padded shoulder straps and padded back panels.


You want a bag that can last and hold. Look for double stitching and high-quality materials and zippers.

The Best Anti Theft Backpacks

RiutBag R15.3 | Secure black backpack 

RiutBag - Anti Theft Backpack

The Riut Backpack offers a stress-free commute, as the zips for all pockets are fully secured against your back. This prevents access from any potential thief behind you. The RuitBag has been perfectly thought through. It’s waterproof, built to last, and thanks to the sternum and waist strap it is perfect for a cyclist as this minimises backpack movement. It also has four reflective RiutBands to help visibility in the dark.

Another useful feature is that the Riut Backpack has bottle holders on the side, allowing you to carry a 750ml bottle which is perfect for those long rides. It’s also machine washable. This is a really impressive backpack.

£119.00 GBP - $152.19 USD


Bobby Original Anti-Theft backpack

Bobby Original Anti Theft BackpackBobby Original Anti Theft BackpackBobby Original Anti Theft Backpack


This backpack offers a multitude of great features. It’s water, shock, and cut proof, as well as having hidden pockets and zippers making it easy to conceal valuable items. This backpack is made out of high-quality polyester and has reflective prints for your night safety. On the inside, there are padded compartments, able to fit your laptop or tablet (up to 15.6”) safely, whilst also sitting comfortably on your back.

One feature we particularly like is the integrated USB charging port. This means that if your phone runs out of battery, you can just plug it into your bag and charge it. A really handy feature.

£74.95 GBP


Pacsafe - Metrosafe LS450 anti-theft 25L backpack

Pacsafe Anti Theft BackpackPacsafe Anti Theft Backpack


Pacsafe are one of the leading manufacturers of Anti Theft Backpacks. Rob Schlipper & Magnus McGlashan founded Pacsafe over twenty years ago after backpacking around the world.

They realised that having all their possessions in one backpack in a foreign country was risky and after having passports stolen, they started working on a secure backpack for travellers. We really like this bag and think it’s perfect for cyclists as it has all the necessary features needed for an anti theft backpack as well as looking stylish.

This bag is equipped with RFID safe compartments, to stop people stealing money electronically from your bank card, as well as zip clip pockets. It is perfect for the person on the move.

$119.95 USD


Travelon 42310 Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack

This more affordable anti-theft backpack offers fewer features than our previous options, although it still does a great job at preventing theft, with its slash-resistant body panels and straps, locking compartments and RFID blocking slots and pockets.

If you’re looking for a good Anti Theft Backpack without spending a lot of money then you could do a lot worse than this. Very well designed, well made, and comfortable to wear.



Pacsafe Intasafe Z400 anti-theft shoulder bag

Pacsafe Anti Theft BackpackPacsafe Anti Theft BackpackPacsafe Anti Theft BackpackPacsafe Anti Theft Backpack


Another bag from Pacsafe, however this is a little different from a backpack. This is an anti theft shoulder bag. It has a secured zip tab and Roobar deluxe locking system, as well as RFID blocking pockets and materials, and a slash-proof strap. It’s big enough to carry a 15-inch laptop with ease. This is ideal for a leisurely cycle, or if your bike has a bag holder, it would fit nicely on the side of your frame.