Litelok stops thief in Zeeland, Netherlands

Litelok stops thief in Zeeland, Netherlands

One of our customers recently emailed us to say that their Litelok had stopped his bike from being stolen whilst on vacation in the Netherlands. It’s always good to hear from a satisfied customer and to know that our Liteloks are stopping bike theft. We got in touch with him to find out more.

Hi Holger, we’re glad to hear your Litelok stopped a thief from stealing your bike! Where and when did the incident take place?

The incident took place during our vacation in the Netherlands (Zeeland). Our two bikes were locked near Oostkapelle at a wooden bike stand near the beach. It was on Wednesday, August 01st, 2018. We parked our bikes at approx. 1pm and came back to the bikes at approx 6pm.

Do you have any idea of how long they were trying to break the Litelok to steal your bike?

No. All I can say is that many people walk past the bike stand on their way to the beach. I don't think that this prevented the guy(s) trying to steal our bikes. But there were also many people arriving and leaving the bike stand, so perhaps this stopped them. Or they tried and it took just too long to disturb the lock.

Is bike theft a problem in your area?

Yes. That is also the reason why we bought such a good bike lock. A 10€ cable lock would for sure not prevent a thief to steal a bike in our area.

Have you ever been a victim of bike theft before?

Yes. I had a really old bike with some technical issues from my grandma and did not lock it at a bike stand on a parking area of a supermarket. I left the bike 5 minutes, but when I came back to the bike stand it was stolen. I could not imagine that someone will take away such an old bike. Since that time I’ve known that I need a good bike lock for good bikes.

What was it that made you decide to purchase a Litelok?

Initially I was looking for a folding bike lock, but friends told me that these are not that flexible to use. You always have to fight with the different bars and load-bearings.

The 2nd possibility would be to buy a chain lock, but the secure locks are way too heavy.

The same for U-Locks. The secure locks are big, heavy and hard to transport for that reason.

Disappointed that no bike lock fulfils my requirements, I found the Litelok: Strong, not too heavy, secure, easy to handle (to lock without a key), more flexible than a folding lock and easy to transport (just to strip on the top tube of the bike). The perfect bike lock for me.