Litelok Stops Bike Thieves in Paris, France

Litelok Stops Bike Thieves in Paris, France

We were recently contacted by Maxime, a Litelok Gold customer based in The 10th Arrondissement of Paris, to tell us that thieves had attempted to steal his bike but failed because they couldn’t cut his Litelok. 

Litelok cut

Maxime had secured his bike using his Litelok Gold to a bike rack inside his courtyard within his residence. When he returned to his bike he noticed his lock had been damaged. Looking at the way the lock has been cut, it is believed that a handsaw was used. You can see that a few attempts have been made on the strap, and at least one attempted cut on the lock housing. Maxime said:

“I think the thieves attempted to cut the lock for about 10-15 minutes. But they had also tried to steal other bikes. Some of the neighbours whose flats were close to the racks, saw them from their windows, caught them in the act, shouted at them and they fled.”

High-security bike locks are designed to make it as difficult as possible for the thieves to get through the locks, forcing them to either spend a lot of time working on it (which leaves them vulnerable and likely to be caught) or give up entirely. In Maxime’s case it appears they tried to get through the Litelok for a while, failed, and then moved onto a different bike before being caught. 

Litelok Cut

This isn’t the first time Maxime has been a victim of bike theft. He has previously had one bike stolen when using an alternative chain lock and another bike stolen whilst using a Litelok where the thieves actually ended up cutting the fence he had secured his bike to instead of the lock.

“I chose the Litelok because it seems the safest lock on the market. It’s not too big or heavy and the bike refund 1y guarantee is quite interesting too”

Maxime is referring to our Litelok Theft Protection scheme where we’ll replace your stolen bike if it is secured with a Litelok (subject to T&Cs). Having your bike taken can be devastating so we are really happy that Maxime still has his bike and his Litelok Gold stood up against thieves.