Litelok stops bike thieves in Copenhagen - TWICE

Litelok stops bike thieves in Copenhagen - TWICE

We were recently contacted by Jacob, a Litelok Gold owner who is based in Copenhagen, to tell us that his Litelok thwarted the attempted theft of his Mate bike. Jacob, originally from the UK,  securely locked his bike to a lampost whilst he went to his Danish language lesson, and when he returned he noticed that an attempted theft had been made.

Mate bike with Litelok Gold

This happened between 9 am and Midday on a busy road. But despite the constant footfall and daylight hours, it was obvious someone had attempted to break Jacob’s Litelok Gold. He could see that the lock had been tampered with in two places. We can only assume that they started with the middle of the strap and when they weren’t making any headway, moved closer to the lock housing as they suspected this would be easier. This wasn’t the case and the thieves left leaving Jacob’s bike behind.

Attempted cut of Litelok Gold - Failed

Judging from the above images it looks like the thieves used some sort of saw or blade to try to cut the lock. Jacob said:

Fortunately for me the Litelok did its job and averted a very expensive experience, not only would I have lost money on the bicycle but all the inconvenience of not having any transport plus all the costs that would have incurred. Thank you Litelok.”


Unfortunately, a week after we spoke to Jacob, another attempted theft was made on his bike. This time, Jacob locked his bike up as he popped to the shops and was away from his bike for roughly 20 minutes. When he returned, he saw two men physically trying to steal his bike. As he shouted at them they casually walked away, once again failing to take the bike. They were using snips to try and cut the lock strap.

It is a real shame that Jacob’s beautiful Mate bike has been targeted twice in such a short amount of time, but we are really glad that his Litelok kept his bike safe.