Litelok Stops Bike Thief in Moscow

Litelok Stops Bike Thief in Moscow

We were recently contacted by Margarita, a Litelok Gold owner based in Moscow, to tell us that thanks to her Litelok, she still has her bike. She had locked the bike outside the entrance of her apartment building and left it overnight. When she returned to her bike the following morning, she could see that at least two cutting attempts had been made on her Litelok. Margarita said

“As this happened at night, I’ve no idea how long the thief tried to break the lock. But it has two marks - so he tried once, maybe went away and then returned and tried again”.

Litelok attempted cut with hacksaw

Margarita stated that she doesn’t live on a busy street so if the thief was undisturbed, they potentially would have had a very long time to work on the lock. Judging from the cut in the above photograph, it is very likely the thief used some sort of hand saw to attempt to cut the Litelok, but as you can see, they didn’t get very far.

This is the first time Margarita has been a victim of attempted bike theft but she told us that a lot of people in Moscow have stories. It is quite common that people’s bikes are stollen from staircases inside the apartment buildings. This highlights the need to always lock your bike with a high-security lock, even when it is inside of a building. Margarita also said:

“I would like to thank you for your product. I’ve been using Litelok for 2 years now. Everyday, even during the cold Russian winter. Everything works perfectly.”

She also sent us this beautiful photograph of her bike and Litelok outside ‘The House of Peoples of Russia’ in VDNKH Park in Moscow.

The House of the peoples Russia in VDNKH Park Moscow