Litelok stops bike thief in Cambridge, UK

Litelok stops bike thief in Cambridge, UK

Another success story! A thief tried to steal Robin’s lovely Cannondale bicycle but failed. The thief couldn’t break through the Litelok. Very satisfying. We got in touch with Robin to find out more.


Hello Robin, so glad to hear that your Litelok stopped a thief from stealing your bike. Where did the attempted theft occur?

Attempted theft occurred from the cycle park at Cambridge station.


What tool do you think the thief used to try to break your Litelok?

Looks like they may have tried to saw through it. They only got through the outer nylon coat.


Is bike theft a big problem where you live? Have you had any bikes stolen before?

Bike theft is a huge problem in Cambridge, even from the cycle park which is supposed to be under CCTV surveillance.

I haven’t had bikes stolen cause I always lock them up properly. This was a new bike so I invested in a new lock as well. I carry two Liteloks, and secure each wheel. Both together are lighter than a decent D-lock. Very pleased I got them.