Litelok stops bike thief in Brighton

Litelok stops bike thief in Brighton

We were recently contacted by a customer who said ‘I just posted on my instagram account the pictures of my Litelok after some low life had spent the whole night trying to break it. My bike cost a lot of money and if not for your amazing locks it would be gone for sure.’

It’s always good to hear from satisfied customers so we got in touch to find out more.

Hi Nnamdi, I'm glad to hear your Litelok stopped a thief from taking your bike. When and where did the incident take place?

This happened a few months ago at my works parking garage in Brighton. I left my bike there overnight and they would have had several hours undisturbed time to try and break the lock.

Looking at the photographs the thieves left your lock in quite a state. What tools do you think they used to try to break your Litelok?

They definitely used some sort of saw and bolt cutters.

What made you decide to purchase the Litelok?

I researched the best bike locks on the market and Litelok looked like the best option ... I am glad I invested in it, as the results speak for itself.