Litelok Silver Saves Bike in Amsterdam

Litelok Silver Saves Bike in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s streets are typically full of cyclists going about their daily lives. The city’s infrastructure is designed to benefit those who opt for two wheels over four, making Amsterdam a cycling haven. However, wherever there's a large number of bikes, there’s going to be bike crime. Fortunately for Litelok® customer Manos, his Litelok Silver Flexi-O managed to stop the thieves who attempted to steal his bike.

Manos had secured his bike in a well lit street, to one of the city’s bicycle brackets. When he returned to his bike, he could see from a distance that there had been some damage to his lock. After examining his Litelok, he could tell that multiple tools were used in an attempt to break the lock. Not only were there cutting marks on the strap and casings, but the lock was twisted, showing the thieves had used torsion attacks during their theft attempts. 

Litelok Silver theft attempt

Torsion attacks are when a thief uses a long object such as a pole or crowbar to try and twist the lock until it breaks. Liteloks are made from Boaflexicore®, a patented composite which has incredible resistance to torsion attacks. As a crowbar is turned within the lock, energy builds up within the tensioned material which coils, meaning that it will spring back and unwind rather violently if you let go.

You can see the results of a torsion test we conducted alongside a rigid D lock with the same security credentials. This torsion test rig was developed with an engineering consultant and Swansea University College of Engineering - Prof Stephen Brown (Head of Engineering), Dr Nick Lavery and Dr Adam Philo.

We asked Manos why he chose Litelok and he said: 

(It was) the combination of size, weight, certification according to ART-2 ...and the great reviews from other customers that I read.”

Our Litelok Silver range is available in both Flexi-O and Flexi-U, and is rated Sold Secure Silver and ART2.