Litelok Silver - Lightweight bike lock that's easy to carry

Litelok Silver - Lightweight bike lock that's easy to carry

 Litelok Silver is the world’s lightest secure bike lock range ever made. It is 40-50% lighter than equivalent U/D locks, chains and armoured cables, starting at just 630g (1.4 lb). 

As well as being lightweight, Litelok Silver has been independently tested, achieving a Sold Secure Silver and ART 2 rating. This makes it the lightest insurance rated bike lock on the market. 

Litelok Silver's flexibility means that it is very easy to use and very easy to carry when cycling. Here are just three simple ways you can carry your Litelok Silver.


The clip-on Wearable kit allows you to wear your Litelok Silver around your body with ease. Being wearable makes it easier to transport your Litelok when cycling. It saves space in your bag and is quickly at hand when you need to lock your bike, which can be very handy, especially if it’s raining. 

The Silver Wearable kit is adjustable and fits most ages, sexes and sizes. When worn around your body the Litelok Silver is barely noticeable. It’s very secure and stays comfortably in place whilst cycling. To test this, one of our team took his Litelok Silver to the Gorseinon pump track in South Wales.

Here’s what had to say about wearing a Litelok Silver:

“Once it’s on it feels really comfortable and secure: you genuinely forget you’re wearing it.”


The clip-on Wearable kit is also very useful if you wish to make your Litelok Silver even smaller. The video below demonstrates how you can cinch your Litelok Silver, transforming it into a handy compact size for carrying.

Inside your frame

Each Litelok Silver comes with free WrapStraps, giving you the option to carry your Litelok securely within your frame. Attaching your Litelok is quick and easy, as shown in the video below. 

How do you carry your Litelok Silver? Let us know in the comments below. 

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