Litelok Silver Flexi-U  - The World's first flexible, insurance rated U-lock

Litelok Silver Flexi-U - The World's first flexible, insurance rated U-lock

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest innovative bike lock, the Litelok Silver Flexi-U. The Litelok Silver Flexi-U is the world’s first flexible U/D lock, allowing you to secure your bike to more places than other rigid locks. 

Litelok FLexi-U Silver

Litelok Silver Flexi-U can secure your wheel and frame around lampposts too thick for rigid U locks.

Back in November 2018, we launched Litelok Silver Flexi-O through Kickstarter and raised over £100,000. The Litelok Silver Flexi-U is a continuation of this design, keeping the lightweight flexibility of its predecessor, but formed in a more traditional U/D-Lock style. This came about after speaking to many customers who were very happy with the lightweight and flexible nature of the Litelok Silver Flexi-O, but still prefered the shape of the U/D lock. 

With the weight starting from 641g, Litelok Silver Flexi-U is half the weight of equivalent U/D locks. With bicycles getting lighter, there is no need to carry heavy, cumbersome locks on your travels. Litelok Silver Flexi-U has been awarded both ART 2 and Sold Secure Silver, making it the lightest insurance rated lock in the world. 

Litelok Flexi-U Silver bike lock

Litelok Flexi-U Silver bike lock

Litelok Silver Flexi-U is available in two sizes. Regular and Large.

It’s integrated design means that your lock is in one piece so you don’t have to struggle trying to fix separate parts together and it doesn't rattle when being carried. Its patent-pending vertical locking system gives you a downward line of sight, making it very easy to lock and close. 

Litelok Silver Flexi-U strap is made of our patented Boaflexicore material, making it incredibly resistant to attacks from common bike theft tools, including bolt croppers. A standard U lock can be compromised by bolt croppers as they create a crack in the metal which grows until the lock breaks. Boaflexicore is a composite which is a non-contiguous material, meaning that when attacked with bolt croppers, the material shifts so more material is placed in front of the cut, making it incredibly difficult to get through. 

Litelok Silver Flexi-U is available in two sizes, regular and large, and its flexible design gives you more locking options than it’s rigid counterparts. No longer do you have to struggle to find a suitable place to secure your bike, as Litelok Silver Flexi-U is able to bend around larger objects such as lampposts and telegraph poles.

Rigid D lock vs Litelok Flexi-U

A traditional, rigid U lock vs Litelok Silver Flexi-U.

Litelok Silver Flexi-U is joinable, meaning you can join them together to create a large lock, allowing you to lock multiple bikes together. They can also be used separately for double security. Our Litelok Silver Flexi-U Twins are two locks of the same size that operate from the same set of unique keys. A perfect option for family members who want to use the same key. 

Litelok Flexi-U Silver Twin - joint together

Litelok Silver Flexi-UTwins joint together

Litelok Flexi-U Silver Mixed Combo

Litelok Silver Flexi-U Combo gives you two locks of different sizes. Takes up the same space on your bike as just the one lock.

Litelok Flexi-U Twin Silver

Litelok  Silver Flexi-U Twin allows you to secure both wheels and frame giving you double security.

Litelok Flexi-U Silver

Litelok Silver Flexi-U Twin can be joined together, allowing you to lock both wheels and your frame to a lamppost.

Litelok Silver Flexi-U is also available as a combination of sizes, meaning you can purchase a Regular and a Large together for a reduced price. With Litelok Silver Flexi-U being half the weight of a regular U lock, this means you get two locks for the weight of one. They can also be carried inside one another on the frame of your bike, meaning they don’t take up any extra space.

There is limited stock availability of our Litelok Silver Flexi-U Mixed Combo but you can order yours here.