Litelok Saves Bike Outside London Supermarket

Litelok Saves Bike Outside London Supermarket

We were recently contacted by Sonny, a London New Cross resident who cycled to the supermarket, secured his bike with his Litelok, and upon his return found that thieves had attempted to steal his bike.

Sonny used his Litelok Gold Original to safely secure his bike to a ground anchor outside his local supermarket. He was only in the store for roughly 10 - 15 minutes, but when he returned to his bike he noticed that his lock had been attacked. It looks like thieves attacked the Litelok’s lock casing, managing to remove the protective outer moulding but couldn’t get through the Litelok’s hardened steel lock casing.

Litelok cut

Unfortunately, this attack did damage the lock and Sonny wasn’t able to unlock his Litelok using the key. It is sadly quite common for thieves, who are struggling to break a bike lock, to intentionally damage the locking mechanism, leaving the rider unable to move their bike. This is so they can return at night when no one is around and try to cut through the lock undisturbed. With the help from the local council, Sonny managed to remove the Litelok from the ground anchor, meaning he didn’t have to leave his bike at the supermarket. Sonny, who still has his bike said

 “Bike crime is a problem in this area. I lost two bicycles already. I was tired of being robbed so I bought a Litelok.”