Litelok saves bike inside London Bike Hanger

Litelok saves bike inside London Bike Hanger

Bike theft has really soared during lockdown, with thieves really taking advantage of the lack of people about. That’s why it has been great to hear that Litelok has been doing its job and keeping bikes safe. Gwynn, a Litelok customer from Walthamstow in London, got in touch with us to  let us know that a thief tried to pinch his bike out of a bike hanger, but despite penetrating the hanger itself, they were unable to cut his Litelok.

Litelok saves bike in bike hanger

Gwynn has been securing his bike with his Litelok for the past three years, either inside the bike hanger or inside his house if it is a longer period of time. This is the first time his bike has been targeted by thieves, saying that “Bike crime in Walthamstow has been on rise though the lock downs.”

Litelok Gold attempted cut

The photos he sent us show 2 small, shallow cuts in the lock, which may be caused by a cutting tool such as a hacksaw. It is unsure how long the thieves attempted to cut for before abandoning the bike. Needless to say Gwynn is very happy that his Litelok did it’s job and stopped his bike from being taken. When asked what made him choose the Litelok in the first place, he said:

“3-4 Years ago I was looking for a lightweight bike lock with a gold rating and came across LiteLok and thought it was perfect.  So I bought the lock the same day I bought my bike.  Carrying all the extra weight from a D-lock just wasn't what I was looking for.”

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